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City on the water. Simple, tasteful food

City on the water. Simple, tasteful food

December 2019 · 4 min read · Odesa Oblast

Well, I told you about the islands in the Danube Delta, near Vilkovo (Odessa region in Ukraine). We set off on the return trip along the river, or rather, along the arms of the Danube. We enjoyed the scenery that opened our gaze.

Oh! No, not a crocodile, but so similar

After half an hour, we were at the site of the "Danube Usadba".

It's time to introduce you to local food.

Local gastronomy is a motley mixture of Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Turkish cuisine.
Local food here mainly consists of fish dishes. This is not surprising, because at the mouth of the Danube there are many species of fish.
All local fish is always sweet, oily, especially tasty.

Traditionally, before, food was cooked in a Russian oven. The fish is cooked, dried, stewed and baked in a Russian oven. Now, of course, everything is different .. in a conventional oven.

Here are some original recipes:

Baked perch in salt, without water and oil. In the brazier, they did something like a salt shell for fish.
Borsch with sturgeon, cutlets from Danube herring (Danube) fish cabbage rolls, bell peppers stuffed with fish.
Dozens of dishes from a variety of local fish - carp, perch, flounder, crucian carp, sturgeon.

Most often, the fish is simply fried in breadcrumbs in cornmeal.
These are dishes from the Danube herring.

This is a photo of my trip in the spring, a couple of years ago.

Danube herring

Danube herring is a rare fish. Fishing is calculated literally in days - this is in April and May.

Danube herring is different from other varieties. If the back (top) of the fish is darker than usual, this means the Danube herring. The uniqueness of herring is that during spawning, the fish swims in the Danube riverbed in Vilkovo, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. There, herring eats algae, and this changes the taste of the fish.

What is the nutritional value of the Danube herring?
There are a lot of iodine and minerals in fish. This gives her a unique taste.
Imagine that even in a freezer, a herring carcass can acquire a rusty color. Accordingly, such a herring cannot be stored for a long time. Store fish caught in May until January maximum.

Baked carp with vegetables.

Well, and of course Vilkovskaya Ukha . I tasted it this year in the summer!


Ukha is a transparent Russian soup made from various types of fish. It usually contains root vegetables, parsley, leeks, potatoes, bay leaves, dill, tarragon and green parsley. The roots of the soup originated in the culture of Russian Cossack steppe riders.

Vilkovskaya Ukha or Lipovan Ukha is cooked from several varieties of fish.

Served as follows: saturated broth

separately on a plate - large pieces of boiled fish and vegetables.

In small bowls - salamur (grated with salt, hot pepper and garlic with the addition of broth).

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You need to eat an like this - break off pieces of fish with your hands, dip it in sharp salamour, drink it with broth and seize vegetables.

Different varieties of fish are cooked.

Danube herring

Local special wine "Novak", which is made from grapes growing only here, is quite good, and tastes like something in between the products from grapes of Isabella and Lydia grades.

Simple, tasteful food!

Original photos by @leylar
(The photos were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1 Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO)

Thanks for your time

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