Do you want to cruise, asked you in my previous article.
I am sure that those who have never been on a cruise, consider the cruise just as a tour, completely missing a lot of very important details.
I'll tell you about them now. And you will discover a lot of useful and unexpected moments that you did not even think about.
This is for anyone who wanted to go on a cruise but changed their mind. For those who are used to outdoor activities, and thinks that on the liner he will be bored, that he will be tied to one place, and he is not used to it. For those who used to travel by themselves, and think that the cruise for him everything will be solved, and that it is not for him. And, of course, for those who, like me once, afraid of seasickness and motion sickness.

No! It's not like that at all.
Of course, from my point of view, it is clear that subjective.
But I will try to convey to you this is my subjective opinion about cruises.

What is cruise
What is cruise

Remember one thing at once: the cruise is all together: hotel 4-5*, flight (transition, moving), excursions and visits to other countries. Individual excursions of your choice in the countries where you approach for a day's rest, paid separately. But it's your choice. And off the ship.
Being on a cruise, and paying for the cruise you get everything at once"in one bottle".

Hotel 4-5*.
All cruise ships are 4-5* hotels. They have a little different star rating, there is a different system and a different scale, but if you compare with hotels, something like this.
This means that 24 hours a day all the food for you is already included in the price of the cruise. Breakfasts, Lunches, dinners, snacks in different parts of the liner in different places between Breakfast and dinner - all this can be absorbed without stopping.

What is cruise
What is cruise

Those who travel know very well how much money is spent on food every day.
That is, when you rent a hotel, apartments, hostels (no matter what), you need at least 2 more times a day to eat something. On the liner, this issue is resolved by your payment for the cruise. Eat 24 hours a day for your health.
Drinks not included. But! At Breakfast, lunch and dinner you can pour coffee, tea, drinks for free, as much as you want. At other times, all soft drinks and alcohol already need additional payment. But this time almost there is no. Because all restaurants are always open. There are special programs for those who like to "drink" that you can buy, and also drinking 24 hours inclusit. : )))

Given that the liner you are sailing somewhere to travel to where you have chosen before the cruise, the liner for you is, as well, a means of transportation.

What is cruise
What is cruise

And now count how much money you spend on travel from point A to points B, C, D and so on, if you live in a hotel and go somewhere to see something?
It does not matter whether you have rented a car, paid rent, gasoline, or bike, you paid for the transfer to the tour, gave the taxi driver, drove the local're still paying the fare. I do not write that if you want to get from one city to another, or from one country to another, you will go by bus, for example, or fly on a plane. So we on the bus 6 hours driving in America, and the plane was flying from North to South.
The liner sails along with you from one point to another-and this is also all included in the cost of the cruise. And, imagining the liner as a means of transportation, you immediately get a lot of comfort.
You do not need to wait at the airport for hours flight or at the bus station, no problems with the weather, with food, again. You sail yourself with the comfort of 4-5*, with a comfortable 4-5*-th cabin for recreation and amenities, get all the entertainment, and slowly move from one stop to another.

Different countries.
What is amazingly convenient cruise: you visit several countries in a short time.

What is cruise
What is cruise

And, as a rule, these are the countries to which you would not fly separately. There is nothing for you to do there separately, inconvenient and expensive flights, why fly somewhere for 1-2 days, if the country is not on the route? But the cruises are just picked up so that you every day, or every other day (if it's a long cruise) get to a separate country. Where else, in what kind of tour or trip you can visit several countries in a week? Nowhere. On a cruise, you can.
Never would we not flew specifically in the same Belize, for example, or in Honduras.

The liner is simply stuffed with entertainment for every taste.

What is cruise
What is cruise

Theater every evening, with different performances, cartoons and movies on the big screen on the upper deck, swimming pool and sauna, water slides, gym, animation for children, piano evenings, jazz concerts, karaoke, drawing..., for each day you get a separate schedule booklet of ALL activities on ALL decks for ALL categories of passengers.
And, you do not need to probably say that almost all of these entertainment for you-free. Almost - because some restaurants are paid extra, and also booked in advance. But the cost of them is so funny that call it paid does not turn the language. At the captain's restaurant on the second cruise we paid $ 15 per person. 😁👍✌

What is cruise
What is cruise

So, considering the cruise, do not forget that paying for it, you get everything at once: accommodation, constant super comfortable food in the form of a buffet and free drinks, a comfortable move from one country to another and a lot of beach-water-creative entertainment.
And why cruise attracts....I told you about a certain cruise spirit on the liner in my article "Cruise Paradise".

Next I will tell you about our first cruise to the Bahamas.

To be continued...

All photos are from the author's personal archive.