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We returned.

We returned.

November 2019 · 3 min read · Huizhou

Returned to China after a long absence.
China met us with sun and warmth, which made us very pleased.
The trip turned out to be very eventful, so many new experiences, so many new places, so many photos and videos.
Apparently, the time has come to start using the terabyte disk that we had on our desk for several years, because there is already not enough space on my computer for my videos and photos. I am tormented. I want to clean up the iPhone already, merge all the old trips so that the photos and videos are already stored somewhere, but I can’t get to the computer, because there is no place either. It's time to start using a separate drive, good, I have it.
I'm getting used to the Chinese Internet again.
It’s hard to get used to the bad after good.
Not only that, while they were returning, they faced with the same bad Internet already on the road a lot of times.
Not on their devices, but around.
For example, in the parking lot at the Shenzhen airport, from several entrances to the huge parking lot at the airport, it doesn’t work several times,
In Huizhou, where they made cell-phone access in bastards, with poor Internet access, this entrance does not work.
In the underground parking lot, some of the seated employees were removed from their son some time ago, because they introduced automation, entry and exit on a scan in WeChat. Again, in the absence of a normal Internet, leaving in the mornings, at rush hour, when everyone goes to work, can be difficult for 15-20 minutes. That is, each driver snoops on a cellular scan until the Internet catches.
In general, here and there, with all the universally announced launch of 5G, the very thing is seen "so be it, and so it goes."
The cat ate ate alone, the sides appeared and the ass got heavier.
That's right, there was no one to play with him, he just ate and slept.
It is necessary to put the cat on a diet. :)))
Although, compared with many cats, he still remains a slender woman.
As always, on the road, did not have time to write, she began, and then switched to another.
It is interesting to write something that you are impressed with while traveling.
Well, they had a lot of active rest, every day they went somewhere, went around, went in for jogging and sports in the simulator 2-3 times a week, were built, tanned, generally prettier. Resort, in a word. :)))
Now I’ll get into a rut, I will continue to write successively about Vietnam and Thailand, which I haven’t written yet.
Today in Pattaya, we traveled to new beaches, and went to new places. I will write about them too.
Well, and, yes, they will pleasantly return from warm to warm, in Shenzhen and Huizhou it is now +24 in the afternoon, but +14 at night.
So, hello everyone, and those who are on Instagram, and saw our journey, and those who are not there, but are here.

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