Divided into two parts about our condo, because there are a lot of photos.
When we first settled here, I went and looked, and looked, and took pictures of everything, and took pictures.
Because it’s very comfortable.
So, we stopped at the building, which stands just in the middle of the condo.
This is Club house. This building is several floors with a gym, sauna and two coffee houses on the ground floor.

Here is a view from the balcony of the gym, in which we regularly practice here.

I will show the gym separately by the post, it has wonderful views, I run and do it with great pleasure. We go to the sauna every evening in the evening.
The sauna here is a steam room or a hamam, or just a room with wet steam.

It accelerates only to 55 degrees. If in the sauna familiar to us it is “cold”, then here it’s just super hot and good.
Both the gym and sauna are free. On the 3rd floor, billiards, also free, there is also table hockey.

What else in general. Condo with guards and barriers.

There is underground parking, and around the buildings, too, for residents is free. On the territory there are also several ground parking lots.
Last time we were without a car, this time we rented a car.

There are washing machines that you can use. 30 baht one wash. In Pattaya there are a lot of washing machines right on the streets, even where you can throw things in, pay, and pick up things after a certain time. Everything goes according to the check code, no one except you can take things from the machine.

There is an ATM. There is a vodomat (pick up water in bottles, if necessary, instead of buying bottled ready water in a store).

Here is such a wonderful condo in which we now live.

To be continued...

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Seven Seas Condo Pattaya is one of Pattaya's great condominiums, part 1.