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Hotel Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya 4 * (Pattaya) - photos.

Hotel Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya 4 * (Pattaya) - photos.

November 2019 · 4 min read · Pattaya

I want to show you a description of one of the hotels we visited as a guest.
You know, sometimes, unexpectedly and unplanned, you can find yourself in a wonderful place where you want to return again and which comes to your attention. Such places remain in our memory, we recommend them to our friends and acquaintances and write posts about them. :)))
This hotel appeared by chance in our vision.
In 2016, our friends one day wanted to come to Thailand at the sea, where we were already, but they never were in Pattaya. For 2-3 days, they bought plane tickets, booked a hotel in which there were seats, and which turned out to be affordable for them at these dates, and arrived.
And then we came to visit them in Pattaya.
The hotel is 4 stars, and it really has them.
For the price - I can not say anything. When we fly somewhere, we start with tickets (as a rule, good offers on air tickets are somewhere in 6-4-3 months, and they usually come by subscription from the sites we use for flights and hotel reservations). Therefore, plane tickets - they are primary, and it all starts with them.
And then already, under the departure date, the return date is also selected with a good price. Sometimes it makes sense for 2-3 days to stay in the country where we fly, then to fly back cheaper.
Well, and hotels - this is the second time after the tickets. Moreover, hotels are selected on, based on what kind of discount they provide us. The fact is that my husband has a big discount there, he has a high status. And one hotel expensive (or more expensive) can give a discount on up to 50%. And another hotel may be cheaper, but only give 10-20 or 30% discount. 50%, of course, rarely happens. Therefore, all aspects always look: comfort inside the room, convenience of location from the center or excursion places where we are going to visit and the specific final price that is obtained.
Therefore, I can’t say how much we would pay during this period with our discount. Everything is individual here.

So, the hotel Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya, 4 *.
Located a little far from the pier, if you are going to go to the sea every day by ferry. And if not, it doesn’t matter. The district has all the necessary infrastructure.
The hotel is very beautiful, with two outdoor pools on the upper two floors, with beautiful sea views. The hotel has its own beach, by the way. This is for those who want to sunbathe near the hotel without going anywhere. Or on the roof near the pools.
We were there in the evening when it was dark. We were planning to come in the afternoon in the afternoon to photograph all this beauty in the daytime. But that day did not work, and even the rain came, as if from a bucket, almost until the evening. Therefore, even if it turned out, the rain all the same - would not have allowed to make good photos of the species.
Therefore, below the night photos are mine. Do not scold how it turned out.
And all the other photos are from

This is how the hotel looks from the outside, dark blue.

Here is a pool with fish at the entrance to the hotel.

This is a view of the rooftop pools and pool views of Pattaya. By the way, some just rent a room for a day in this hotel to visit these pools, in these rooms and capture all this beauty. Someone writes that in Pattaya these other hotels have not seen.

Outdoor terraces on the floors next to the pool and not near.

Bars inside the hotel, restaurant where the buffet.

These are halls and corridors inside the hotel.

The interior of the rooms inside the hotel.

Hotel lobby, reception.
Chandelier on the ceiling in the lobby of the bottles.

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Pattaya night views from the hotel.

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Here is such a wonderful designer hotel on the bay in Pattaya, Thailand.
With wonderful views of the sea, and with wonderful views inside the hotel and in the rooms.

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Workout in the gym.
Evening outdoor pool. Pattaya.
Pattaya night market at Jomtien.
Sai Kaew, Blue Lagoon or Military Beach in Pattaya.

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