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Guilin. Part 4. Construction on the mountain.

Guilin. Part 4. Construction on the mountain.

November 2019 · 3 min read · Xiangshan District

In this short article I want to show you houses on the mountains in Guilin, in the mountains where the rice terraces are located.
It is interesting that in the comments they wrote to me that there are not only grandmother-old woman-porters carrying baggage, but also “nonsuns” - men carrying tourists.
I would never have sat down on anyone's head, to be honest, but people wrote that they saw such porters there too.
What struck me there still is the huge number of houses under construction.
I think that the place is very popular among tourists, domestic tourism among the Chinese is already very developed, and even if foreigners suddenly stop traveling for some reason, domestic tourism in China is the same as in America, among its own inhabitants The country will remain a very popular type of vacation and travel.
So, houses under construction.
How do they strike? The fact that they are built vertically by one wall near the mountain. Here we go like this along the path on the mountain, go around the turn ...

... and there they’re building such a house, right by one wall to the mountain. The hotel will be another, I think.

Look what height! And there, floors 5 are exactly built in it, if not more. And the view from the windows will be magnificent, right on the rice terraces!

We went down the paths from the mountain, from our hotel to the parking lot below first, from where the cable car goes up. And then, on the contrary, we climbed the mountain to the very top, to the observation deck, where the cable car comes. And along the way I rented buildings under construction. There are a lot of them, both wooden and concrete.

Here, on a very narrow road, the crane worked. We stood for about 15 minutes, watched how he drove there. I don’t know if the driver is a master, but a virtuoso is real and a very dangerous job.

Here is another house on the mountain under construction. I think the hotel is also. There are a lot of hotels there, and you can also stay at the apartments.

Some buildings are being built and like this, just inside the mountains.

Well, what, mountains, forests, terraces and clay. Hence all the construction features.

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By the way, it is very interesting from the mountain and uphill the necessary building materials are being thrown. I didn’t succeed in the video, in the photo try to make out the ropes along which the building materials travel. If you don’t make out, I think they understand the meaning.

The paths here are very narrow, it is very difficult to drive. This is me about the bottom, where the village is under the mountain. Two cars almost never leave.
Here in this photo, cars drive along the houses on the left, there is a road along the houses.

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I’ll tell you separately about our hotel on the mountain and about the mountain road, as we arrived at this village in general.

To be continued...

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All photos are from the collection of the author.

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