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Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour.

Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour.

December 2019 · 4 min read · Da Nang

"Ba Na Hills is not an amusement park, but a food court tour."
Here is a review I came across on the Internet from one of the visitors to the Ba Na Hills park.
And, you know, he is absolutely right. You could say that.
Only his review was negative, short, but capacious, on the topic that there was nothing to watch in the park, nothing to do, the food was disgusting, the wine was fake.
And now I am repeating the same words consciously, but in the most positive sense.

There really is a restaurant at a restaurant, from sausages on the street, to a two-story buffet where tables are packed with all kinds of food, and where we had dinner. I don’t know if the author dined there, but it seems to me that if he dined there, he would not have come across any wine in a different place or a disliked Japanese restaurant. :)))
Here it’s true, everyone has their own Universe. And there is nothing wrong with that.
Who is given, and who gets to where.
One - will step into a puddle, the other will see a stunning brightly flowering bush with a wonderful smell.

Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam
Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam

If you read my previous articles about the park, about the Golden Bridge, about the cable car (there are links below), watched the video, then you probably remember that we went to this park, having bought a tour, and that lunch was already included in this tour .
So, with a story about what kind of lunch we had there, and a little about what restaurants around that you can visit, if you plan to go there yourself, without an excursion, I will finish my story about the park.
There are indeed many cafes and restaurants in the park.
You can see such tables on the street, sandwiches, sausages and drinks. You can choose what you like best.

If we talk about restaurants, then immediately caught my eye restaurant Caucasian cuisine "Caucasus Baku". I really love Caucasian cuisine.

Here's a selection of pretzels, corals, loaves and bagels.

Our excursion included lunch in a certain institution "Beer Plaza".
We thought it was some kind of beer restaurant. But, from beer he has only a name.
We searched for it for a while, and now we found it. Amazing pumpkin snowmen stood beside him, and here are such hospitable piglets.

Here in this ball is the restaurant.
If you want a buffet where there is all-all-all, then you are here.
I practically didn’t take pictures inside. And I was ashamed to make a video, there were a lot of people, we got just at the very peak of dinner.
Huge buffet restaurant. Two floors, people 800-1000.
There is absolutely everything. Absolutely for everyone.
For Europeans, for meat eaters, for vegetarians and raw foodists, for lovers of Asian cuisine.
Large selection of different sauces.
From drinks - there is compote, juices, soft drinks and fruit drinks.
We also have beer, but for a fee, it was not included in our business lunch buffet.

For example, such meat is immediately cut off and put in your plate.

And this is only a hundredth of everything where you can get something.
As a result, this is what turned out to be her husband’s choice.
The Vietnamese, Korean, or Chinese who had dinner near had a large selection of noodle soup, fried noodles, noodle and seafood salad, and something else from the dough. 😁

I found this video on the Internet, where a person was not shy about filming the whole room and everything that was in it.

There was a big dance program for Halloween in the park.

They danced in the park, and at lunchtime they came to a restaurant where they danced for 30-40 minutes, we just finished eating, and I watched the end of the show a little. Very bright, rhythmic, synchronous, small videos for you.

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Lunch went great. Full and after watching the entertainment part, we went on to walk around the park and along the Golden Bridge.
On this I will finish my story about the park, and I will continue about Vietnam in my next stories.

To be continued....

All photos are copyright.

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