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And we have a ramp for dinner.

And we have a ramp for dinner.

January 2020 · 5 min read · Da Nang

I continue about our trip to Da Nang, to Vietnam, in the fall, now past, 2019.
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Today about food.
I already ate a stingray a few years ago.
Then we drove in 2 cars to Zha Po (this is China) for 3 days. And there I, for the first time, out of curiosity, ate a stingray. He didn’t like me very much. Flounder and flounder.
Let's just say nothing special. That is, he did not make an impression as something very tasty. The second time I would think, to take or not to take.
Yes, there is still a local feature, as in many Chinese villages on the seashore, they do not bother with sauces. That is, that chip, that Chinese highlight - sauces - it’s not there.
Just fried, just cooked. It’s somehow quite simple. I did not like.

Yes, we didn’t go to restaurants there, we just went into cafe (chaofan), but I’m used to that in Shenzhen any, even the smallest cafe, will always have everything with the same “Chinese” way of cooking, when there will be sauce, it’s not clear which but tasty.
But in Da Nang (Vietnam), a friend led us to a seafood restaurant, where we scored all kinds of yummy, and, at the end of dinner, thinking that we could eat something else, she asked if we wanted a stingray, here it is very interesting served with thin rice cakes and herbs, and the ramp is delicious.
Of course we agreed.

I need to say a little about fish restaurants in Da Nang.
There are a lot of them. And they are very, very large, in their bulk.
As a person who has lived in China for many years, I know well that such restaurants are built specifically for Chinese tourists.
The Chinese love seafood, they eat them in tons.
In the South of China, along the coast, in all directions towards the sea, there are dozens of huge restaurants and simply covered cupcakes, with a large number of tables, which are geared specifically for seafood.
Prices are always more expensive than in ordinary restaurants, they are all designed for visiting tourists with money.
Therefore, the restaurants in Da Nang did not surprise me at all. But the prices in them were very surprising. And this despite the fact that I know perfectly well that all seafood is always very expensive there. But in Da Nang - prices just went off scale. In the photo, prices are given in Vietnamese dong (1$USD) = 23 111.24 VND). For example, 2,100,000 dong = 91$/kg.

But the restaurants themselves, if I managed to convey the size.

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Of course, it was not possible to show the sizes.
In general, they are all on two floors, there are 100 tables.
No, if you flew there from Russia, where, in most cities, there is no fresh seafood at all, and you see all the living creatures floating in the pool, which you will now be served in the freshest form on the table, of course, the prices will not surprise you, they will be quite normal, and you are ready to buy all this because you want to eat fresh shrimp, crayfish, crab, fish, mussels and oysters.
But I compare it with a market 500 meters from the house where we live in China near the sea, where I buy oysters for 2 yuan / piece (20 rubles), and mussels in the sink 8 yuan 0.5 kg (80 rubles a pound) , and shrimp for 400 rubles / pound. So, this is my really own comparison.
I remember how in Thailand we met with a fellow countryman who was delighted with a seafood restaurant and sushi in the same place, and we looked at those small portions that were served to us, looked at prices, and realized that we did not like it at all. 😁
That is, everything is known, of course, in comparison, it must always be remembered.
Therefore, when a friend called us to a fish restaurant, we politely refused at first. They decided to just meet, and then decide where to go. A friend lived in China, now in Vietnam, and we are used to trusting “local foreigners” who have already mastered quite well on the spot and know where and what is better and tastier.
And it turned out that the fish restaurant that she offered us, it’s without aquariums, it’s just delicious and inexpensive to cook, she always calls everyone who comes and everyone likes it.
Counseling is a great thing.
So we ended up in this fish restaurant.
I love these places.
Usually they are known only by locals, and they are completely unsuitable for tourists and are not fashionable.
Everything is simple, ordinary tables, chairs on the street, an ordinary small restaurant where all the locals eat, and where everything is very simple and tasty.
We scored various food that we know and love, and, as I already wrote, at the end of the dinner we suddenly decided to end it with a ramp. Again, on the recommendation.

And did not regret it. Very tasty.
It is served in two dishes. On one is the ramp itself, on the other - greens and rice cakes.
You take a flat cake in your palm, put greens and slices of stingray, pour sauce, wrap it and eat.
You can dunk in the sauce.

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To be continued....

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