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Bur Telege : New destination, fun place & I want to back again

Bur Telege : New destination, fun place & I want to back again

July 2019 · 4 min read


Bur Telege is a new tourist destination located in Bale Bujang Village, Lut Tawar District, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province and is located at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level. Currently, Central Aceh Government promoting a new era in tourism actively. Telling about Central Aceh not only about Gayo's Coffee as the main product that has been famous but today Central Aceh Government gets to have a good priority. One of the trendy tourist destinations is Bur Telege.

In Bahasa, Bur Telege means Bukit Telaga (red : In english means Weel Hill). Frm the past history, in this place said that there are old wells that have never been dry even in the dry season. But the truth of this story, nobody knows. The panorama here really spoils the eyes of the visitors, especially the local wisdom here is still very attached and original.

[The Gayo's Symbol Identity]

Who does not like hilly tours that have now been transformed into a park with contemporary nuances, a touch of panorama, exotic nature plus good facilities make this place a new vehicle to unwind. If you come on a holiday, this hill is filled with visitors from inside and outside the area.

[Takengon from the hill]

[Pine Forest as Background]

Here, you can also find the spots of the present photo such as the viewing post against the background of green rows and the Lut Tawar lake, there are colourful umbrella umbrellas hanging between the trees also adding to the instagenic impression. Besides that, it can also be photographed on a hammock that is connected between trees. Interestingly, visitors will also be served with a special drink, Gayo coffee. Fresh air typical of the mountains with stunning panoramas, it seems there is no other pleasure than to screw the warmth of Gayo coffee.

[View of Lut Tawar Lake]

No need to be surprised, this tourist spot was immediately crowded with visitors even though it was only opened last year. Even when holidays can reach more than a thousand visitors come here. Imagine how the income obtained by Central Aceh, especially for managers of this place. And what you need to know, that this initiative arose from the idea of ​​the young people of Bale Bujang Village. In the past, this place became a very bad place and being a hotbed of acts of disgrace, but right now you won't find it anymore. Here local supervision is verstrict, andnd they are fully supported by law and government.

[Playing Flying Fox]

This tourist attraction is fully managed by young people in the village and currently has developed well from day to day, several additional photo spots, game rides, horse riding, Aladin swing etc. It is also a hill that young people in this village do not want to stand by, instead, they want to show support for tourism without having to wait for the government to make policies.

Enjoying Hammock and swing

To reach this place, only about 20 minutes from the Central of Takengon City. Its location is affordable and located in the city center, and offers interesting photo spots that make this place a selfie with a background of pine forests, lakes and the faces of Takengon city.

[Enjoying The spot of photography]

So, prepare your camera, strengthen your feet to walk and circle this place, because there are too many spots that you can't leave, keep clean and keep maintaining local wisdom with a polite culture and greetings. You just pay IDR 5.000,00 (Five thaousand rupiah)

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[The beautiful umbrellas]


Btw, some of the facilities here such as prayer halls seem to be very small, clean toilets, shops, coffee shops, flying fox and selfie places make it easier for visitors and eliminate worries, but I expect security guards to monitor people taking pictures above the tree is very necessary. Btw, this place opens every day except Friday, close before Jumat prayer more earlier, but after prayer open again. Here the flower garden.

[Flower Garden]

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So, I think this place very recomended to visit, bring your family here and feel the nature then enjoy the beauty. Would you come here my friends ?

Thanks @trips.teem and @travelfeed.
My regard


All picture original by me, Taken using Canon 800D, Location : Bur Telege, Central Aceh, Indonesia.

Location information
● Bur Telege, Hakim Bale Bujang, Central Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia

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