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[PW#3/2020] Sumur Tiga Beach: White Sand is Good Background & Wells have Historical Moment

[PW#3/2020] Sumur Tiga Beach: White Sand is Good Background & Wells have Historical Moment

January 2020 · 4 min read · Sabang

Hello @travelfeed lovers.

Sumur Tiga Beach is a tourist spot that is currently one of the must-visit destinations in Aceh, actually in Sabang City, a stretching white sand beach with a very beautiful beach and this beach is also to be excellent rating while visiting here. Of course, when you visit this place, Admiration is certainly emitted when you were here. The beauty of the beach like the nature paintings decorated sprawling white sand and shady trees. A gust of cool breeze adds to the feel of beauty while on the lips of the beach directly opposite the Straits of Malacca. This beach is located in the village of Ie Meulee, Sukajaya, Sabang City.

Not surprisingly, local and foreign tourists each spent much time on this beach. Many tourists who visit this beach, Three wells at this beach are the reasons why it is called Sumur Tiga beach. To get to this beach is fairly easy. You just need five minutes only from downtown Sabang to get here. Clear seawater up to the bottom of invisibility will add an exciting feel of your holiday.

Diverse species of fish can also spoil the tourists who vacation in this beach, but I'm not lucky to get fish pictures here, it's just that I see a child playing with a sea star in his hand. Usually, the visitors are certainly impatient to play with the fish by snorkeling. I came here just shot and tell about this place.

According to residents and parking attendants in this place, we don't need to spend costly to be playing with the fish in the sea. You simply pay 45,000 rupiahs or about three dollars just to enter this beach area, tourists can rent snorkeling equipment are available here, after renting the equipment, visitors can play with the fish here. How about diving? If you want to go diving, you would have a pocketed certificate in advance. This is done to maintain safety because safety comes first.

When you are tired playing on this beach, for a while you can enjoy the beautiful sand then feel free to relax and enjoy the drinks and foods, don't worry because around this coast you can find the few stalls.

What is the most fun here? Everyone will agree that taking pictures while walking on the white sand and clean is the best moment. Really, because I personally witnessed two people chasing on the white sand and I managed to capture it.

Then where are the three wells? That's right, this well is the reason for the naming of this beach, but I see the wells are dry due to drought, the wells are old wells made with stone as the walls of the well. There is nothing special I think about these wells, maybe there is a historical value where these wells produce freshwater even near the sea. There are three freshwater wells here even though only a few meters from the beach and said was decades old as well as the Japanese fortresses here.

I almost forgot, besides a good place to take pictures, I think the facilities on this beach still need some additions like huts for relaxing, toilets are still lacking I think, and selling places for souvenirs. I hope this place opens early so visitors don't have to wait for nine o'clock to get in here. Morning is the best time to see this place look beautiful sunrise. Why? Because this beach faces east. Therefore, the view of the sunrise here is very beautiful and beautiful with the support of its white sand and turquoise sea makes it more perfect to enjoy the sunrise. But nine o'clock is too late to see it.

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All Picture taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia

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