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[PW#23] Kuala Unga Beach : Free for entering & Get free everything.

[PW#23] Kuala Unga Beach : Free for entering & Get free everything.

December 2019 · 6 min read · Aceh

Hello @travelfeed Lovers.

This morning, I am driving my car was a little fast because I had to arrive just before 8:00 am. I focus on the road almost along my trip this morning, although the road here is very smooth, but this road also very vulnerable accidents because sometimes there are cows roam the road, or there are animals break into the road suddenly. I have to be more careful right now. The journey from my home to my office is quite far, I have to travel for 3 hours to get to my office.

During the two-hour drive, nothing makes me stop now even though this morning is a good time to take some pictures such as mountain fog, sunrise and the expanse of rice fields and blue ocean always accompany someone's morning on this road. Finally, I really had to stop, you know why? Yes, I stopped here. This place really amazes me, where have I been? Why I never pay attention to this place.

Without thinking, I immediately prepare the camera and immediately get out of my car and explore this place. This place is called Kuala Unga Beach, the location of this place is at Kilometer 80, precisely in Keude Unga Village, Indra Jaya District, Aceh Jaya Regency. There are several things I can tell here.

The blue sea view is the main attraction of this place, this beach not too big, but this place is suitable for families because the seawater is not too strong and calm. This is because of this beach near to bay. Well, this place is very comfortable for children to play seawater.

This beach is managed independently by people here, some facilities like the name of the beach, a place to take pictures with background love and seating are the work of people here. Naturally, I think, because this place is relatively new and of course they do not have many advantages, so they have not been able to display more lux. Yes, I like the natural one rather than having to be iron and stainless because it's no longer natural.

Now what you see is some small home facilities for shelter and relaxing, the colors in this place make our spirits higher, we want to continue to be here. The air is cool, the occasional sound of small waves visited the beach. The sand here is very clean, several times I watched a woman with agility to clean visible garbage. Sometimes reminding someone's awareness not to throw away rubbish is more difficult than giving a slap to his face. Ha-ha.

The clean sandy beach is equipped with several seating facilities, some are given a roof and some do not use the roof at all. Of course, this facility will be used according to time, if it's hot please choose in the tent, but if you want to enjoy the sunset then please sit here. That's what it means. This does not mean that the manager of this place has no capital, but in my opinion, this is a basic strategy for marketing this place. At least I have several alternatives to sit anywhere.

Well, anything more interesting, what is that? Yes, this place is overgrown with evergreen trees and very shady. Some photos here show that. From the photography side, seeing the trunk of this pine tree looks very neat, like it is planted regularly even though these trees grow themselves. When I round this place and was under the shade of this tree, it almost did not feel the heat of the sun, let alone some low branches have been tidied up, so several times I drew a picture under this tree freely.

Okay, let's move on to other facilities, I want to say is this place also provides food and drinks. But because this morning too early, I asked what food was here, but the manager of this place told me only young coconuts and some cakes. Other food is only available in the afternoon, also the cook hasn't arrived yet. From his owner story, some foods available here like fried noodles, boiled noodles, and grilled fish.

Indeed, this place still needs to be fixed, but for the time being, I am satisfied with what's here, this place is often just bypassed, hopefully, after this info is read by many people, they will try to stop here and I guarantee the first thing you look for is a comfort. This place is absolutely very comfortable, cool and beautiful, especially when this place is still free and there is no ticket, you just need to order food and drinks here and that's enough for them.

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In closing, I just need to remind you that in this place you have to be polite, even though you have to sit with your boyfriend but still be polite. You are forbidden to sit too close to a boyfriend if it is too intimate then be prepared to be reprimanded or maybe you are told to leave this place. This is the rule here, so as a good traveler, we must always respect the place we visit and the rules that exist in that place. Right?

Look at some of my photos here, I hope you like it. Btw, I was here so long, I realized I was finally late to get my office on time, am I sorry ? No, because what I get now is far more valuable. If I keep speeding, maybe this place will just pass by me.

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have some corrections in my post, please let me know your opinion and feel free to comment below. This my #originalcontent (thanks for @ocd @ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. Blessing

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All Picture ]taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Kuala Unga, Aceh, Indonesia

My Regards


Note: Thanks for visiting my photography's blog and read my writing, [PW] is my code for #photography and complete it with my #writing. Hope you enjoy it, Blessing!!

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