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Haveyoubeenhere2019 Steemitworldmap travel contest: Find the Map, Step the World & Come to Indonesia

Haveyoubeenhere2019 Steemitworldmap travel contest: Find the Map, Step the World & Come to Indonesia

January 2020 · 10 min read · Aceh


# Prologue

I begin this article with a simple thought about what we have passed, then explain again through writing. Of course, we will become experts at storytelling if we describe what has happened in 2019, why? Because we all experience it and our tongue will feel lighter telling it all. There are many stories and events that have happened, stories of love and struggle, pleasure and sadness, achievements and failures have become a part of each of us with their respective dimensions. The travel story in 2019 is no exception? Can you tell me again? I think it's easy, but can you elaborate through writing? Indeed, your story will easily pass along with the memories of those who hear it, while the story through writing will be eternal with you.

Yes, there are many stories about travelers' trips that we have read, many places that have been visited and marked on the map. Likewise, at this time, I will try to outline some of the places I have visited in 2019. Indeed, my writing now is as an entry in a contest created by @steemitworldmap and supported by @blocktrades with the theme # haveyoubeenhere2019 as in the following link -> Haveyoubeenhere 2019-@steemitworldmap travel contest with 150 steem prize pool which ends on Sunday 12th January 2019.

Well, here I will try to choose four favorite places that I have visited in 2019. Why become a favorite? Of course, there are many stories, so I hope you read the entire article so that the question gets an answer, grateful if it will later be a good reference for every traveler who wants to go there. A wise man said:

“The best human beings are people who benefit others”.

And here are some of the places I visited, supplemented by data link posting and photography about the place as proof that I had been there, the most important thing was that I had marked it back on the map


1. Bur Telege, Aceh Tengah, Indonesia

I put this Bur Telege as my first favorite place. My main reason is because
Bur Telege is in my birth place. Yups, Bur Telege was a favorite place from 2017 until now. The beauty of this place has been told a lot through social media, you just type Bur Telege and hundreds of posts tell about this place. For me, this place is a good place to show how tourism attraction in Central Aceh has a great selling value. From the top of this hill, you can see the beauty of Lake Lut Tawar as the main district's icon.


Oh yeah, even though this place located on the top, but the road to this place is very easy for your car and motorcycle to pass. This is special because you don't need to be hard to climb to get a good view, at the top you are treated to a beautiful view and when you come down from this place you are also accompanied by a beautiful panorama of forests and beautiful lakes. You also do not need to worry about how to eat and drink place because here already some stalls that provide food and drinks and especially some typical Gayo crafts you can find here.


There is one more, this place is still very natural, some additional facilities in this place such as flying fox, a selfie place and riding a horse make this place more attractive. And you just pay a cheap price to enter this place.
What about photography ? is this place good for photography? Ah, it seems I do not need to explain again because every corner, every place and every moment when you are here is a good field for photography. Objects such as views of the lake and city, flowers, Aladin carpets, forests. Very complete.


2. Cikole Orchid Forest, Bandung, Indonesia

From Aceh, now let's fly to another province. Yes, West Java province is famous as a province that also has quite a lot of tourist destinations. Little I tell, my trip here is not specifically for travel. But my visit was actually here to visit my siblings. You should know, that the province of West Java is a densely populated province and is a big city known as an industrial city.


Considering this area as an industrial area, tourist attractions are the most sought-after destinations because everyone wants to get rid of fatigue, reduce work pressure, etc. so however the tourist attractions there, will never be empty of visitors.

Now the place I visited was called Cikole Orchid Garden. Located in the city of Bandung, West Java. It is about 12 hectares wide and is in a protected forest area with 157 species of orchids. With data like that, who isn't interested in coming here. The state of a busy city, industry everywhere, will be a good comparison with a quiet forest, no noise, no pollution, and most importantly you can see the beauty of hundreds of different types of orchids here.


Not only women who like orchids, here everyone must assume the same and all would like flowers when they arrived at this place. I do like orchids, but here I am very happy because the first time I saw so many orchids.


This place is indeed very attractive, affordable prices and a comfortable atmosphere always makes me want to come again and again, here. Do not be afraid if you are not strong enough to explore this place, because the further you walk, the more curious about the other orchids.


There is no boredom here, if you stop tired and I'm sure every moment, every orchid and every location will be an object that you must capture in your camera. Some of these photos are proof that it all happened to me, here. The location of this place is very easy to find on the map. You just type Cikole Orchid then the Google Maps gi map will direct you here. How about transportation here? just order a taxi, you can take a public bus, because this place is on the main route to the top of Tangkuban Perahu mountain. I guarantee you will not get lost.


3. White Sand Beach, Aceh Besar, Indonesia

What can I say about this place, besides I must always say the name of God and glorify Him. This place is very exotic with a clean white sand beach and the most important thing is that you will get comfort in this place.


Pantai Pasir Putih Lhok Mee (in English: White Sand Beach) has been born and become a favorite tourist spot for people of Aceh. Where the location? This place is in Aceh Besar. Precisely located in Lamreh Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar. But in my opinion, most visitors actually come from Banda Aceh. I have never done a poll about this, but I'm sure because the location is very close to Banda Aceh. You can use any transportation to this place, please use a car and motorcycle or public transportation.


What's interesting here besides the white beach? you will find a lot here. Along the way to this place, you will pass through several places such as the Port of Malahayati, Suharto Hill, and Lamreh Hill. The view of the hills and the blue sea is certainly an interesting combination, isn't it?


In this place you will be treated to a beautiful view, there are some trees that grow in the seawater, there is a bridge built on the edge of the sea and shaped love so it is called "the bridge of love". Here also sold a lot of food and drinks, grilled fish and some traditional menus. Along this beach, you can make it an object of photography and play ball on the beach.


The children are very comfortable here, the beach is not deep and the water is clear, this might be because the sand on this beach seems white. Some spots are even used as fishing spots. I myself even dare to bring my child to approach a tree which is some distance from the beach and I feel safe. We played together and taught him to be brave in facing his fears. Nice


4. Kuala Unga Beach, Aceh Jaya, Indonesia

Finally, it does not mean that it is not good, but this post is the one that steals the steemian's attention at the most, why? because this post is the biggest posting to get curated while I play on #steem blockchain. I was shocked by this post. And this is my biggest achievement here on payment. Then what are the advantages of this place? What I can tell about this place I have told in full in the post. In summary, this place is a cheap destination but you will be amazed by this place.


As I said, this place has become part of the people there, managed independently but the income is used as funds for the village. The location is in the village of Kuala Unga, Indrajaya District, Aceh Jaya Regency. Honestly, this location actually I often pass, but only then did I realize this beach is so beautiful.

Some creativity such as the beach nameplate, colorful huts become the main decoration and attraction of this place. Of course, this will be a photographic magnet. The place is very shady and cool. If you want to rest for a while, then you will definitely want to linger here.


Indeed, there are some things that need to be fixed in this place, and that is not because it is not good, but will make this place special. The beach is curved and the sand is white, the shallow sea will be a suitable bath for families and let their children swim with satisfaction, because geographically the beach is not directly facing the open sea, but is in the bay.

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There is no entrance ticket to this place, but I suggest you to buy food and drinks here, this is certainly not comparable to what you get here. Help them to be independent, and obey the rules made here. Among the local policies here is not allowed to date here. Hehe.


Keep spirit :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you have some corrections in my post, please let me know your opinion and feel free to comment below. This my #originalcontent (thanks for @ocd @blocktrades and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. Blessing

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All Picture taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia

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My Regards


Note : Thanks for visiting my photography's blog and read my writing, [PW] is my code for #photography and complete it with my #writing. Hope you enjoy it, Blessing!!

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