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Gurun Putih Lestari Zoo : From Zero to Hero

Gurun Putih Lestari Zoo : From Zero to Hero

November 2019 · 5 min read · Aceh

Hello Travellers...

Nine days have passed, and I am not posting anything on this platform, it doesn't mean that I left Steem Blockchain on purpose. Right now I am attending training to broaden my horizons in economics. This is because the Law has mandated a new authority in the economic field to be tried. Previously this authority became the legal domain of another court. Because this is a new thing, so I am required to be ready to face cases in the economic field, the way is to attend this training.

Focusing on the material, the seriousness of participating in this training is the reason why I passed nine days without a post anything. Well, here I will not tell you how the learning that I am joining, I just want to relax here for a moment and rediscover what I deserve to write at this time. Although they must be serious in learning and do not want to miss any material, this training program also provides time for recreation.

Well, the committee yesterday took us to a place that was classified as a new tourist spot. A zoo that was first present in Aceh with an open concept and combining several animals from several countries. Although in reality, there are only a few animals from a few countries and the most special thing is that this is a zoo business which is managed independently by someone who has always loved animals, and he made it happen by establishing a zoo.

In my conversation with the owner (his name is Cut Fit), he explained the history of this zoo. Initially a mere hobby, but seeing the enthusiasm of the people here today towards the world of tourism, he tried to present a tour with a new concept. Indeed, there are currently several tourist attractions that also present several animals as an attraction of interest from the public to visit, but all of these animals are in cages and are exhibited in a limited manner.

This condition makes him want to create a zoo with an open concept and let the animals live as in their habitat. This big goal is indeed very logical but in his statement, he finds it difficult because the facilities for it are very expensive and take a long time to be realized. At present some animals are still in cages like birds but others are now left outside the cages and live freely.

The name of this place is Taman Safari (Zoo), located above the hills of Jantho, precisely located in Cum Cum Village, Aceh Besar. In this park, there are hundreds of species of birds and mammals and are now icons of Aceh Besar. Animals here come from domestic and abroad country, such as ostriches (Middle East), Rheas (South America), emus (Australia), and cassowaries (Indonesia/Papua), peacocks, deer, stone goats, merino sheep, and other animals, even according to the owner's statement, are currently bringing in animals that live on the Americas and Africa. Like camels, alpaca llama from South America. This zoo was built since 2013 and has spent a personal fund of 28 billion rupiahs (obtained from selling the cows and buffaloes and alms from people who help him).

As I said earlier, this zoo was built because of the owner's love for animals and one of his ideas since childhood to have a zoo. More clearly, initially he had a mini zoo in his house and his biggest goal was to build a zoo to preserve and save endangered animals from extinction. However, trying to be alone is certainly not optimal, the Owner hopes that the government will pay attention and facilitate it in bringing animals from outside Aceh to be preserved at the zoo.

Here, besides you can see animals that are free to roam, you will also be spoiled with a beautiful flower garden, the sound of chirping birds alternately heard in your ears. Comfortable? Certainly yes. Because this place is very far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of my shots illustrate the shade, comfort, and beauty of this place. My appreciation for the owner who dared to make the decision to make this zoo, at his own expense and his concept is : he is hero from zero.

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