Before we started our trip to New Zealand, we find out some places we really wanted to visit. We mostly found that out with google pictures or asking friends and family. Even if this is not a special place, we quickly learned about the purple lupins. Lupins very often grow close to lakes or rivers in New Zealand, mostly purple Lupins. Around 3-5 weeks at the end of each year, the south Island of New Zealand turns into bright colors. At that time we were in New Zealand for about tweo months, which made us very happy ;)

My sunkissed sister in front of a colorful lupin field ;)
My sunkissed sister in front of a colorful lupin field ;)

Why are these beautiful lupins in new Zealand?

There is a story which says that the wife of a local farmer decided the drab center of New Zealand's South Island could use some color. So for years she secretly spread lupin seeds along the roadways and riverbeds each spring.

Personally I can really imagine a women like this, I have no idea why these lupins should be there anyway. But I am not a biologist lol and I love these kinds of storys.

Some tips for how to find these beautiful lupins in new Zealand:

For those of you who would like to travel to new Zealand or who are actually in new Zealand, i would definitly recommend to watch out for these beautiful lupins.

I think, the only good and really important tip is to travel at the right time of the year to new Zealand.

The lupins technically bloom from spring to summer , from September to February in New Zealand. However the main lupin season in Mackenzie Country is usually from November until just after Christmas. The lupins at Lake Tekapo are best in the end of November, while the flowers hit full bloom a little later the further south you go. I would not recommend trying to visit the lupins outside this time of the year, its not be very likely to see some of them in this time.

When you are at the right time in New Zealand and you are doing a longer roadtrip, its nearly impossible to "oversee" them. But there are some favorite spots i can highly recommend for you: Some of the best places to look for lupins in New Zealand include Lake Tekapo, Lake Wanaka, The Crown Range Road between Wanaka and Queenstown (lots of yellow ones here) and Lake Pukaki. I know, simply specifying lakes does not seem very concrete, but as I have said before, they really grow almost everywhere and once you are there you will surely find them on the shore! If you drive through New Zealand by car or campervan, you will hardly be able to avoid seeing the lupins anyway. They are not just at these lakes i mentioned, they are also at parking lots and next to streets.