One of the things I like most about travelling and exploring all parts of the world, is the culture of the food. How people eat, in what kind of setting, at what time, and what kind of dishes.

Trying different stuff than you normally would do, eat different spices, or explore what sucks in your own country because of the temperature differences.



Tuscany and Italy in general is known for its amazing food and ofcourse also because of their wines which I already wrote earlier about in this post when I took a trip to a vineyard.

But apart from just alcohol everywhere Italy is ofcourse known for its pasta in every size, flavour and style. Known as the secundi pasta is actually an in between dish, but if I would eat all dishes as the tradition would say..Well I would end up like a big Italian mamma, so just a secundi as a primary dish for me is enough


This region of Italy is also known for its black truffles whcih are there to be found in the hills, and because they are found locally it means the price is also like it is more local.

Where in Holland if you want some fresh truffle sliced over your food can easily cost you an additional $10 for just a couple of slices, here the whole pasta including the truffles will cost you $10.


As you see on both pasta dishes there is a crapload of truffle on there and that while it is still affordable. The bomb of flavour exploding in your mouth, that was the biggest fun in there.

Truffleing is a whole different business I learned. These mushrooms are found in the woods by a dog and fully covered by ground and they are in between the roots of trees in moity soil. Because of the kilo price (between $2500 and $6000 per kilo which is crazy!) people who go and look for truffles often do this in secret to not spoil where they have their source. So this is a solo profession which is done in the early misty mornings when no one sees you. If you ever go on a tour with someone, expect the truffles to be placed, because no truffle hunter will share its secrets of where his gems are found.

A whole mystery on itself!

Sun fresh

But why all these things taste so good here in Italy has to do for sure with the climate and the local production of things. When you see for instance how the tomatoes are growing here on the picture beneath, you can imagine that the flavor and taste of these pomodori tomatoes is just crazy good.


The amount of sun is in balance with the amount of rain and growing on the hills being handplucked, yeah..Somewhere you find that back in the taste of your food.

The olive oil is from your local place and has the specific taste from there, it is all just a bit more tasty than the stuff that is mass produced from a factory, and that is why it is so cool to just sit in the evening late at night...when the sun is already down...and enjoy your meal paired with your local vino.

Can someone tell me why I am back in Holland already? Hmmmm