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The capture of Ishmael: a decisive battle led by Suvorov

The capture of Ishmael: a decisive battle led by Suvorov

October 2019 · 4 min read · Odesa Oblast

The capture of Ishmael Suvorov
The capture of Ishmael Suvorov

By December 10, 1790, a rather complicated situation had developed around Ishmael. Potemkin urgently needed to resolve the issue of taking the fortress. He wrote a secret message to Suvorov. In it, he commanded the commander to take off (he stood in Brailov) and move to the Izmail fortress. In place, Suvorov had to assess the situation and decide whether to go on the assault or not.

Suvorov, grabbing the Phanagorians and Absheronians, moved to the fortress. On December 10, on the approaches to the fortress, he met the retreating Russian troops. By his order, he returns them to their previous positions.

December 11, at dawn, the assault began. At the disposal of Suvorov was 30 thousand fighters. ¼ part - Cossacks, who were armed only with peaks. At the disposal of the Turkish seraskir Mehmet Amin there were 40 thousand soldiers who were ready to give their lives, but not to allow the capture of the fortress.

Proposal or ultimatum of Suvorov

Suvorov stormed the Izmail fortress
Suvorov stormed the Izmail fortress

Seraskir, all Turkish foremen, citizens and society, Suvorov suggested immediately surrender. He sent this offer immediately, upon arrival at Ishmael. He gave the Turks a day to think. “Thinking is will. The first shot is captivity. The assault is death. " That is precisely what Suvorov left to the Turks for reflection. Seraskir did not pull with an answer. He stated that faster the sky would fall to the earth and the Danube would flow upward than he would surrender the Izmail fortress.

The morning of December 11 was stained with blood. Of the 40 thousand Turks, not one was saved. Seraskir and the highest military leadership were killed. 6 thousand opponents were taken prisoner. 300 banners and badges were captured. In addition, 266 guns fell into the hands of our troops. Suvorov lost only 4 thousand 600 soldiers.

Talk for the battle itself

Monument to the winner Suvorov
Monument to the winner Suvorov

The very first, fierce battle lasted 11 hours in a row. Toward noon, Potemkin sends 180 foot Cossacks to open the Throwing Gate. Immediately after them, at the opening of the gate, he sends 3 squadrons of the Seversky Carabinieri Regiment, led by Count Melin. At this time, Colonel Zolotukhin opened the Khotinsky Gate. 130 grenadiers went to these gates, along with 3 field artillery pieces. These forces were commanded by Prime Minister Ostrovsky. Potemkin paid tribute to the courage and efficiency of the Prime Minister. The Bender Gate included 3 squadrons of the Voronezh hussar regiment and 2 squadrons of the carabinier of the Northern regiment. The carabinieri dismounted, having taken the weapons from the dead, entered hand-to-hand with the Turks.

After 6 hours, during which the battles were inside the fortress, a crushing victory was won. At one o'clock in the afternoon the victory decorated the weapons of the Russian soldiers with new laurels. By this time, resistance continued only in 3 places: in 2 stone khans and one casemate battery. All of them sent their officials to Potemkin, asking for mercy. Those who were stuck in the battery were brought in by Lieutenant Colonel T. Denisov and duty major Prime Minister Chekhnenkov. Those who were in the khans were captured by Major General De Ribas. The total number was more than 4 thousand. In the casemate battery, those who were with the three-bunched pasha Muhafiz, there were a little more than 250 people.

Managing the defense of Ishmael, the seraskir three-banded pasha Aidos Mehmet took refuge, with a thousand soldiers in one of the stone structures of the fortress. He refused to surrender to the mercy of the victors. This building was attacked by the Fanagorian grenadiers commanded by Zolotukhin. All who took refuge in this building were killed.

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Thus, seeming impregnable, the Ishmael fortress fell. The Russian troops, under the command of Suvorov, confidently surpassed, in larger numbers, the Turkish resistance.

Monument to the winner Suvorov in Izmail
Monument to the winner Suvorov in Izmail

Today, the monument to Suvorov is decorated with the center of Izmail. He is a national hero for the residents of not only Izmail, but also the entire region. Thousands and millions of tourists come to Izmail to explore these places and bow to the feat of Suvorov.

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