Haunted House in Usatovo
Haunted House in Usatovo

We are surrounded by mysticism. Various scary stories roam the streets of Odessa and the region. Perhaps one of the most famous is the Haunted House in Usatovo. This is a small village located near Odessa.

"House of the sailor"

There are several legends associated with this place. According to one version, the site and the structure itself once belonged to a sailor. He often went to sea. But when he returned, he immediately went to his home. He was in love with his cozy and calm house. Before his death, he wrote a will in which it was said that he should be buried in the house itself. The will of the sailor was fulfilled. His ashes were walled up in the foundation. Since then, in the house, a wolf's cry sounds every night.

Guillotine and policeman

According to the second version, the guillotine was located in the place of the house in ancient times. How many people sentenced to death she saw, no one knows. Later, many years later, already in our time (after the disappearance from a map of such a country as the USSR), the house was bought by a policeman. Rumor has it that he was far from being an honest servant of the law. After he settled in the walls of the "green house" his mind clouded. Having lost his mind, he shot his entire family.

Witch's house

Ghosts sometimes live in old houses
Ghosts sometimes live in old houses

In ancient times there was a small clay hut. There lived a lonely old woman. Everyone knew that she was not a simple old woman, but a real witch. Her house was bypassed. Infrequent guests said that in the house their body was filled with horror. But the woman died. There was no one to bury her. In this regard, local residents decided to bury the old right where she lived. That is, she was buried in a plot near the house. After a certain time, her son returned to Ukraine. He lived for many years abroad. Arriving in Usatovo, he found out that his mother was buried in a rural cemetery. The man decided to build a new house on this site. During construction, workers found the ashes of a woman. But the owner was not informed. In addition, due to the lack of stones for the construction, the workers dismantled part of the cemetery wall. The house was built. But the man could not live in him ...

Horrible stories of locals

The local resident Svetlana, the wife of the district police officer, says that the plot is located 40 meters from the haunted house. The husband says that after sunset, the crying and the sounds of breaking glass begin to come from the site. Crying sounds creepy and ominous. Svetlana claims that she would never have believed in such stories if she herself had not been a witness to strange and mystical events.

The indigenous inhabitants of the village say that this house already had a lot of owners. But alas, no one can spend more than one night in the house. People recall a story related to a young student. The girl rented a house for just a day. To be precise, for one night. In the morning she had a train. But in the morning no one saw the girl. Baba Galya claims that the girl arrived with a small handbag and had to go by train along the main street. But she was gone. 2 days after that night, a local doggie ran past the house. He stopped at the house, turned his head to him and began to howl terribly. The runaway people saw the body of the hanged girl visible in the window. Spirits were able to take away an innocent soul very quickly. She could not resist house ghosts.

Yes, the last owner does not confirm the presence of ghosts. But he could not live in the house. He quickly sold it for mere pennies.

In the Odessa region there are many different mystical stories. I will tell them and pay attention to the most terrible and terrible events from the history of Odessa region. Keep for updates.

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