Did you know Thailand has a mountain area? Near Chaing Mai in northern Thailand is Doi Inthanon National Park and at the peak of the mountain area you are at an elevation of 8,415 feet. Who would believe this in Thailand?

The photo below of my sister posing on the bridge really takes in the natural beauty of the sunlight and colors.

The park was created back in 1954 and ordered to be preserved. The park is about an hour drive north of Chiang Mai and be aware of the the change in temperature as you go up this mountain. Also, check your brakes and tire pressure as they will be needed for the climb up and down to the park. In the winter, the average temperature is 43/6 Celsius and so you understand how this can be quite different from normal warmer Thailand.

When I went there last time I did notice that there seem to be many more buildings then before. Driving to DOi Inthanon is really the only way to get there and it’s a very cheap visit as well. The Park entrance fee is 40THB for adults and 20THB for children.

Our family photo of the girls. My aunt and sisters posing for a family photo. We really had a great time. Of course this is the “highest spot in Thailand”.

There are little shops there and coffee shop, but be aware that you need to bring your own food.

Of course you need to visit the Temple when you visit.

One last photo of my family. My aunt and sisters all had a great time at the park.

Doi Inthanon is really a great little park and so different from the rest of Thailand. If you enjoy clean air of the mountain and something different, you will certainly want to visit Doi Inthanon.