You have probably been to a drive in restaurant before, but in Myanmar, they have drive-in markets! But let me start from the beginning: After I had travelled to Taunggyi, a city with very friendly people that is somewhat off-the-beaten track despite its proximity to the popular tourist hotspot Inle Lake, I decided to head to Kalaw before travelling on to Kayah State, a rarely visited region of Myanmar. To get from Taunggyi to Kalaw, I took the local train in the early morning - and soon I found myself at one of the most amazing markets that I have ever been to.

1/25s; 15mm; f/7.1; ISO 125

After a few hours of slowly driving past beautiful landscapes, the train approached Aungban. When the train stopped at the platform, dozens of vendors were waiting to sell their goods to their freshly arrived customers.

1/60s; 35mm; f/2.8; ISO 100

I watched in awe how the platform turned into a busy market place. My fellow passengers went on a shopping spree as they started leaning out of the window, beckoning and sending away vendors, inspecting goods, comparing prices, bargaining, deciding on products, handing over money and trying to find space for their newly bought goods in the train that was filling up quickly.

1/30s; 20mm; f/3.2; ISO 250

1/200s; 35mm; f/2.0; ISO 320

Big and small bags of produce were moved inside the train through doors and windows while vendors scampered around to get more produce.

1/125s; 35mm; f/2.8; ISO 200

1/250s; 18mm; f/2.5; ISO 720

When the train left Aungban to continue its journey to Kalaw after forty minutes, it as filled with goods just like my SD was filled with photos from this fantastic market.

1/100s; 35mm; f/2.0; ISO 560

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1/500s; 32mm; f/2.5; ISO 100

1/30s; 18mm; f/16.0; ISO 100