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(Bangkok, Thailand)

Last year, April 2017, it was our first family out-of-country travel ever since 10-15 years ago? Me, my brother and my mom went out to Bangkok. My sister was already in Canada that time, working there while my father needs to be at home during that time that's why we were not complete. Anyway, let me share what happened on our first out of country since long time ago...

Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will see how large their airport is.

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There's a funny story here with my mom (My brother was on a different flight). We were lining up at the immigration and I asked her to follow me which line was the quickest. So I told them we'll go to the foreigner line and as I was walking to line up, she immediately asked me to stop and told me that it's only for foreigners... stopped and told her, "Ma, foreigner na tayo dito" ("Mom, we're foreigners here!") We started to laugh as she can't get over to the fact that we were already on another country. Haha! Funny moment.

Anyway, as we passed the immigration, we waited for our checkin baggage which took us more than 30 minutes of waiting...

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Right after that, we looked for a cheaper foreign exchange and gladly we did... it was located near the entrance for the train station. Then, we took the train going to our hotel since it was a walking distance from the Asok Station.

Many foreigners take the train going to the city just like we did.

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We passed by to this highway while walking to a different metro line.

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The funniest part of our arrival day trip was this...

We were aware during that time that our arrival was the 2nd day of Songkran Festival. So we expect to get wet since it's a festival wherein people celebrate it through getting wet by throwing water to anyone! It's basically a water festival!

Anyway, as we were looking for the hotel through online maps from the nearest station, I navigated while walking. And we passed by to this street of people throwing water at each other, and we had no other way but to get through that street! Our luggages were with us and we were pulling it while getting wet since people were throwing water at us. I tried to capture it with my phone...

HAHAHA! I was so wet during that time!

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So after crossing that street, few meters after and we found it. Here's a panoramic shot of our room. We checked in at Citadines Hotel through Agoda. I think, it was around PHP 7000 for 3 nights which could be good for 2-4 persons! Not bad though!

One of the good thing about this hotel aside from the fact that it's near at a train station, it also has a swimming pool at the roofdeck!

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Look it's amazing buildings from the roofdeck...

Photo 14-04-2017, 7 56 12 AM.jpg

My mom and I swam here on our first night and I did again at the other remaining nights by myself.

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The hotel has also a Tuk-tuk as a service for guests if they don't want to walk to the nearest train station. This is what Tuk-tuk looks like...

Photo 13-04-2017, 4 38 15 PM.jpg

Photo 13-04-2017, 4 40 10 PM.jpg

Tuk-tuk or Auto-Rickshaw is a widely used form of urban transport in Bangkok and other Thai cities. It is particularly popular where traffic congestion is a major problem, such as in Bangkok. Drivers may also use their tuk-tuks to transport fresh produce or other goods around the city in absence of passengers. (Source: Wikipedia)

Riding a tuk-tuk is an experience when visiting Bangkok. I suggest you try it! Just try to bargain for the price of it since drivers will try to make it expensive mostly when it comes to foreigners.

Here's a video of us riding it for the first time...

Will talk more on my next blog!

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

📸 Photos are all mine

📸 Photos were taken using iPhone 7

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