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Postindustrial mountaineering Spoil-tip "Skalny" in Łaziska

Postindustrial mountaineering Spoil-tip "Skalny" in Łaziska

October 2019 · 3 min read · Mikołów County

Are you up to some mountaineering trip, yet you're Silesia based and don't have enough time to get to the nearest hills?

I suggest choosing Spoil-tip "Skalny" in Łaziska

Quite easy and fast access from most Motropolitan cities (Upper Silesia Metropoly) - about 20 km from Katowice, 25 km from Zabrze, allows you to enjoy mountainous trip with postindustrial element. The spoil-tip is especially known among travellers using popular "Vistula" express-road. Others may remember media reports on it being on fire (on the inside) and exhausting poisonous gases. Presently the pile is extinguished and partially recultivated. What is more important, it is being overwhelmed by nature

I recommend starting from point marked below (circled with orange), where motorized travelers might find some parking spot - next to a Municipal Culture House or [Squash Arena Mavi Area](
In the said pic you can see two pathways leading to a technological road that will get you the the very summit. We were able to get there on bikes so no worries. Also, while on parking don't panic if you don't see the opening in bushes or these paths - they are there, you just need to look a bit.

On the summit, the view allows you see the Green Silesia, which form many Poles is quite a surprise because Silesia is the most industrialized region of Poland with the industry taking its toll on the region. While the industry was booming and prosperous only few people minded the idea of sustainable development. Thanks to some visionaries or how we call them - good householders, Silesia got much greener. Though the environment is still polluted, but the nature is slowly reclaiming the barren lands.
Back to the view, it's reach depends on weather conditions but it's easy to spot cities like Jaworzno, Katowice, Ruda Śląska. During ideal conditions one can spot Beskid Śląski i Żywiecki ([Beskids](
At a very hill-top there's a small pond, that I guess was used to put out underground fires. Today people come here to catch fishes, but don't ask me how they got there xD
My pictures show very little depth of these far away places one can spot, although you can get the idea. **But please before** looking at them, close your eyes and imagine a highly industrialised region filled with all the possible pollutions. Afterwards please take to the photos below.

In the foregound you can see a coal mine KWK Bolesław-Śmiały of Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. (PGG)

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About the series

#mikrorajza has been created on Twitter and blog by famous Silesian bloggerp Łukasz Tudzierza.

As he himself states::

#Mikrorajza it's a series of posts, in which I present to further audience interesting and worth seeing sights in Upper Silesia - possible to visit during one evening.#Mikrorajza is ideal for after-work time or a weekend day.

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