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To Menhir

To Menhir

February 2020 · 5 min read · Plzeň

Our small trip starts at the Pilsen - Bolevec train stop. Nearby it is a pond called Třemošenský or Židovák. This pond was founded after 1734.

It was originally set aside for the inhabitants of Třemošná to bathe cattle. Perhaps that is why during the war the Nazis assigned him to the Jews as the only permitted swimming pool…

The main road no. 27 in the direction of Žatec leads along the pond dam. Recently, the city of Pilsen on its north bank adjusted the way for wheelchair users and cyclists. There are also old abandoned quarries on sandstone, where stone was built in the Middle Ages to build the city.

From the pond we continue to the cottage area towards the Sofronka arboretum. This arboretum, a forest nursery, was founded in 1956 by ing. Karel Kaňák, CSc. for breeding pines. Over time, he has built a unique collection of a world assortment of pine species (Pinus)

He thus continued the work of his predecessor, forester Josef Sigmond, who was looking for a suitable tree for the soil conditions around Pilsen.

Today, the area is closed due to the strong wind of the previous days. Never mind, we can visit him later.

In addition to unique specimens of pine trees, there are two nature trails, a forest classroom, fallow deer run and forest nursery facilities.

The photo shows the entrance, or rather the entrance to the arboretum.

Around the arboretum we walk along the floodplain stream to the pond Senecký or Senečák. Its western part is overgrown with reeds and turns into wetlands. Lack of water throughout the Bolevec pond system accelerates this process. The recreational function of the pond is thus limited, but on the other hand the wetlands provide refuge for many species of aquatic animals and birds.

A little further down the reed opens the view of the free pond surface.

And then we walk on the paved granite stones. Sandstone bedrock has always caused problems due to erosion.

Swans float on the surface of the pond. He's heading for us. They'd probably have something good. However, I do not have suitable feeding for these beautiful birds today.

They're closer and closer… Still a slide. And even. SSSsss! There is an angry hiss. It's time to retreat. The baby is under strong protection of one of his parents :)

A view of the surface of the pond towards the Bolevec housing estate, whose blocks of flats peek at us in the back.

We walk to the dam. Here, besides the massive oversized weirs, we can also find the pier for water polo. Only the water is missing ...

The photo shows a forest nursery building rebuilt from a former restaurant. There is also a scout clubhouse and next to it is a wooden building of the water polo section.

Our comfortable path leads us to a mixed forest after a gentle climb.

After a few hundred meters we are finally in place.

So that's him. Menhir. We know nothing about its age, purpose or origin. We do not know when and by whom I was placed here. Anyway, it's fascinating.

In its surroundings we can find other small stones and modern pyramids from forest visitors.

Tell me, Menhir, who are you ... I put my hand on him and close my eyes for a few seconds. The idea or vision it evokes in me is interesting.

There is a circle around me. I don't feel scared, more surprised. Circle of men in black coats, hats. They have iron masks with pointed noses on their faces. Or is it a metal visor of helmets? Or are they plague masks?

The men move forward and the circle closes. I open my eyes. Menhir did not disclose his secret…

We leave Menhir by returning to the dam of Senec pond. Young acacia grows here. As if their thorns followed my idea ...

It is not far from the so-called Black Cross from Senec Pond. We'll find him right behind the Bolevec Cemetery. We can find it on maps from the mid-18th century. The cross was abolished at the beginning of the 20th century, leaving only a stone foot.

The cross was renewed in 2018 at my initiative by the Bolevec natives.

We can also look at the educational board and read some information about the history of this place.

While we are here, we will walk through the Bolevec Cemetery. Its dominant feature is the Chapel of St. Vojtěch from the years 1917-20 built in cubic style. This chapel was built in close proximity to the mass grave of the victims of the 1917 Bolevec ammunition factory explosion.

Peace you. A mass grave and a chapel for two hundred victims of an ammunition explosion are warning reminders for similar disasters in the future…

In some of my next articles, we could go around the disaster site and learn more about the event.a

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Near the chapel we can find this interesting tombstone made of durable stone, from the famous Pilsen stonework workshop of J. Cingroš.

Karel Křička, gunner of the retired C. and K. Navy and at that time the gunner of the Skoda races action. spol.

He died in 1913. He no longer lived to use the works he tried in the frightening practice of World War I…

On his gravestone we are interested in the artillery grenade. Unfortunately about the person of this certainly interesting master, I could not find any more information.

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We can only imagine a hundred years ago sailing aboard some C and K. cruiser around the world seas and testing the latest cannons, products from Skoda, the largest armory of the monarchy…

Behind the cemetery our short walk ends. I took it a little bit darker, but I believe you are intrigued, and we will see you soon on another trip.

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