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Wednesday Walk and Make Me Smile: A simple and somewhat improvised walk

Wednesday Walk and Make Me Smile: A simple and somewhat improvised walk

January 2020 · 3 min read · Parroquia San Antonio de los Altos

Inspired by the Wednesday Walk by @tattoodjay & collaboration with [Make Me Smile] hosted by @elizacheng

Hello dear friends,

Today we are again, in this nice space to share the Wednesday walk that makes us smile every week. Usually, I try to post the activity I do during the same day, although I know that the rules are not strict.

For many years I boasted of having a healthy denture, without cavities. A year ago, while eating a rich homemade arepa, I felt that a piece of a left upper tooth was broken, I still have that little piece of tooth, the pain was intense and then I understood in my own flesh, those who suffer from this annoying pain . I went to the dentist and fixed it. Since the weekend, what is left of that tooth has hurt me again, so I will necessarily have to heal it again.

Meanwhile, one or two Scotch Whiskey throats that I will not swallow will soothe the pain, while I will smile on the walk in search of an interesting place to show you.

Well, the pain really led me to the nearest ambulatory medical center located hundreds of meters near my residence. After waiting for my turn, the rural doctor referred me to the dentist of the clinic, who when examining me diagnosed an infected abscess, which should be treated by a dental surgeon for the removal of the damaged molar, since it had no remedy.

Already resigned, my wife and I took a quick tour of the recreational park of the health center. Small but cozy thanks to having an excellent mountain climate. In it we observe machines for exercising outdoors like some attractions for young children.

We observe a small and modest fast food kiosk. It was past four o'clock in the afternoon, and we were still without eating, I had some fear for the pain in the molar, but I dared to eat a big hot dog.

Hot dogs were not enough, and we ordered a serving of tequeños, these are similar to cheese fingers, that is, they are pieces of cheese wrapped with a soft dough of wheat flour that is fried. These are crisp and delicious on the palate. They are usually prepared with white hard cheese, but today we ate them of yellow hard cheese to be seasoned with a pineapple jam.

A simple and somewhat improvised walk. Curiously, after the street food followed by the native food, the pain of the molar was thirsting, and my smile returned to my face. I think that by enjoying time with my wife, it helped to temporarily relieve pain. Tomorrow will be another day and I will not forget to do the procedures for oral surgery, but for today, the walk on Wednesday and make me smile has come to an end on my part.

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See you soon here, next week.


Camera: Canon PowerShot A590 IS

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Location / Date: Los Salias - Venezuela / Jan 22, 2020

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Photographer: @janaveda

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