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Traveler memories: A journey through The Great Savannah

Traveler memories: A journey through The Great Savannah

January 2020 · 3 min read · Bolivar State

Hello dear travelers,

Today is January 3, 2020. I hope you enjoyed the farewell of the second decade of the millennium in the company of your families. Now that greetings, I realize how fast time goes by. So with this post I will close my travel memories of the past decade and I will try to focus, in the now to prepare the next posts as far as my possibilities allow it.

So on this occasion I will tell you about the stops I made on a road trip that I made to the border town of Santa Elena de Uairén from Ciudad Guayana, especially the last section, which starts from the town of Las Claritas.

The route of Highway 10 is almost 590 kilometers and is completed in approximately 8 hours. The interesting thing is that it crosses the Gran Sabana located in the eastern part of the Canaima National Park and in front of the Roraima National Park.

The trip on the bus was quite quiet, I remember that we made a brief stop in the mining town Las Claritas to buy some snacks. This is a town located at Km 88 of the road, famous for the gold mines adjacent to it, which are considered in fifth place in production worldwide. However, I saw dirt roads and a bad infrastructure, as well as, it is considered highly dangerous by the mafias that dominate the market of the precious mineral in the area.

Leaving the dangerous town behind, at kilometer 98 we found a very interesting pre-Cambrian rock formation, called the Stone of the Virgin (there is a small sanctuary at the foot of the stone dedicated to the Virgin of Lourdes), she indicates the entrance to the Grand Sabana. Here one can find toucans and a spring of fresh water. It owes its name to that for many connoisseurs it resembles the silhouette of the virgin Mary. I don't know, in the picture I took, I saw a profile of a giant of stone that looks towards the horizon.

Continuing the road, along a very steep slope that leads to the tropical valley of the Sierra de Lema, the greenery was very beautiful and also indicates the beginning of the municipality of the Grand Sabana.

We take a detour to make a stop at the Uepa, place in where is the backup earth station of the Simón Bolívar geostationary satellite.

The landscape was very beautiful, the clean air, the clear blue sky, the feeling of vastness was only interrupted by a great Tepuy that is observed in the distance and that dominates the entire region.

We returned to Highway 10 to follow the route to the final destination, Santa Elena de Uairén. The landscape was a beautiful green in the territory of the Pemon ethnic groups. We reach the border line with the Roraima state of Brazil.

The road trip in these wonderful places is quite interesting and encouraging in itself, while making us feel very small in the face of the immensity of a place that is among the oldest on the planet. A privilege.

I hope this report was to your liking and that you enjoyed it, as much as I did.

See you soon dear traveler, see you in the next travel post.

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Location / Date: The Great Savannah - Venezuela / Jul , 2013

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Photographer: @janaveda

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