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2013: Traveller memories IV: São Paulo - Mazzaropi and Aerospace

2013: Traveller memories IV: São Paulo - Mazzaropi and Aerospace

December 2019 · 6 min read · São Paulo

Hello dear travelers,

In the third week of May, I boarded the flight from Maiquetía to the international airport of the city of São Paulo, I remember that it was a quiet flight of approximately six hours. We arrived in the afternoon to transfer to the airport, city of Rio de Janeiro.

However, I preferred to talk to you first about Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Manaus, leaving for the end the story and photos of my memories about São Paulo that basically covers three places: Tabauté, São José dos Campos and the great metropolis of São Paulo, capital of the state with the same name.

The only section I made on the road during the entire tour, was the route along the President Dutra highway, which links the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with an approximate distance of 410 kilometers.

The objective and intermediate destination was to visit the largest aerospace complex in Latin America and where the third runway for the longest distance aircraft on the planet is located, located around the city of São José Dos Campos.

The lodging place to spend the night, La Fazenda Mazzaropi, on the outskirts of the city of Tabuaté.

The first time I traveled by bus, I did it with my maternal grandmother, I was six months old. Since then, my adorable Mama Mery used to look for me between the months of July to September of each year until I turned 18 and I moved with her, to attend university in the capital of my country.

Those were a trip of almost 550 kilometers, about eight hours of road riding. A little more of the route between the two former capitals of Brazil. So for me, the trip by land was a routine. I really enjoy driving on long roads, not so much flying, and here in Brazil I had to board four flights between cities before returning to my country.

We arrive at the hotel late at night. At that time, it was the first time I heard of it, Mazzaropi. There is even a sign alluding to a museum about Amácio Mazzaropi, the son of immigrant parents: Italian and Portuguese, who moved from the city of São Paulo to this area of Tabauré when the future maximum comedian in Brazil was two years old.

In full swing of his career, he bought the farm where it is now a hotel and installed film studios. Surely, some of his last films will have these places as scenarios.

After the corresponding registration and payment at the hotel reception, in the company of some colleagues, I took a taxi to go to a nearby charrusquería for dinner. Brazil is not only famous for carnivals and garotas, but also for the different cuts of meat.

Curiously, a statue of the apostle Peter was displayed at the entrance of the charrusquería, which denotes the Catholic tradition of the country.

The dinner passed between beers and bets of who ate more meats. The single payment covered all the meat you could eat. In my case, I just wanted to take a look at the area, my problems in the digestion of meats, prevented at the time enjoy the food as I wanted. Neither one nor the other, I had to settle for trying some beer and eating a quesillo. Of course, we all pay equal fees for the bill. That quesillo, has been the most expensive in sweet that I have paid in my life.

Before midnight, such Cinderella, we return to the Mazzaropi.

The next morning, to the dining area to taste breakfast, with a standard variety of foods for any nationality.

There was little time to board the buses again, so I soon took a short tour of some facilities.

What caught my attention most was the lagoon and the tranquility that you feel.

I got to see farm animals like chickens and roosters.

The cobbled path around the lagoon invite you to explore it. Too bad I didn't have time to do it.

We boarded the buses and said goodbye to the cozy hotel, it is worth noting that it is among the best ten hotels in all of Brazil. Again an intense agenda of meetings and conferences in the city of São José dos Campos.

However, on the agenda was to visit the open-air museum of the aerospace industry. In which Brazilian rockets and military aircraft are exhibited.

An interesting fact, in the municipality the main headquarters of the most important transnational companies in Brazil and the headquarters of Embraer (Brazilian Aerospace Company) are established.

Once the itinerary is finished, we leave for the great metropolis of Latin America, the New York of South America, the financial and populous center of the giant nation.

I appreciated the vast expanse of the city, a few weeks later, when I returned from the city of Manaus, seeing through the window of the plane as the minutes passed and I kept seeing buildings. If I'm not mistaken, São Paulo City disputes with Tokyo and Mexico City the title of the most populous.

I spent three days in this great city, but I didn't have many freedoms to explore and photograph it with my HTC One S smartphone. On the last day, I would buy at a mall near the main avenue of the city. I walked from the hotel three blocks to get a Nikon camera that accompanied me on the rest of the tour and that I would give to my daughter.

Although the smartphone was quite competent, put with it I took most of the photos of this post. The Japanese camera takes you to another level.

In the visit to the city hall of the city of São Paulo and the state itself, I could appreciate a wide architecture and gardens that are simply elegant.


We were in Brazil, also in São Paulo could not miss the visit to a football stadium, in this case, Paulo Machado Calhavallo.


Also, as a member of the delegation, I visited the memorial to fallen soldiers in World War II. In which there is a museum with objects and clothing of unknown soldiers.

Being able to briefly know some places in Brazil was a rewarding experience, I hope my memories encourage you to know, at least in depth, some of those places. And why not! Share your experiences with us.

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Thank you very much for reading me here.

See you soon.


Camera: HTC One S

Category: Cityspace

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Location / Date: São Paulo- Brazil / May, 2013

Setting: Automatic

Edition: No

Photographer: @janaveda

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