Fun Times in Hanoi P1

When I touched down in Hanoi several months back I stayed at a nice hostel. The last day before heading out I met this guy. We chatted and he was an English teacher. We talked about ideas and projects. Cool.

Then I take off for Hoi An. We keep chatting online about projects and such. I start to develop a web page hocusing on a weird food tour where people eat bugs and such. It was a good idea so I invested time, and built up a web page.

Last weekend, I flew up to see this guy again and get some in-person work completed and take photos for use in media. This is where things got weird.

On arriving, he was already slinging down beer and vodka. OK, not so bad... but like zero focus. Just like, I was working for him. Demanding and very manipulative. Then to top it off, in the middle of the hostile, he said some sexual distrusting things to women.

I was about to leave but thought hey, perhaps this was a one-time event and just a bad day, so I stayed that night and took some photos of us all out and about.

Here are some of the photos.

Just a follow-up note, the following day I told him to go f-off and fired him as a client. I cant deal with that sort of disrespecting of women, not to mention the drama, and lack of professionalism. Don't got time for that.

No matter, I still think the photos were fun, so here they are.

  • Heading out the front door and into adventure.

  • the second floor of Don Duck, the best duck restaurant in Hanoi

  • This is the Owner, He is Wicked cool and I might go into the Duck Bussiness with him.. just need to get $10k together.

  • Here is our table of food.

  • Duck... yes duck... I don't like to eat duck I discovered.

  • The people we were with diving on into the dinner.

  • We did have a lot of fun that night.

  • I did a photoshoot for them as well to promote the food tour, the guy in the middle is the A whole who I will never work with again.

  • I did a few photos as well of the two ladies who modeled the shirts.

  • Very nice people with a great sense of humor.

  • The night streets of Hanoi, us all walking back at about 1 am.

Well, the following day, things did not get better and I was not just a one-time thing, the guy was a jerk and I told him off and walked. I did talk more with the duck owner and might fly back to help him.

How was your weekend?


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