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Fields - FOREVER

Fields - FOREVER

November 2019 · 2 min read · Savannakhet Province

Fields - FOREVER

Just outside of the laid back beachside vibe of Hoi An, there are the ricefields. These stretches of grass are filled with an abundance of epic.

As the case would be, they also make for some epic phots for them who dare to venture deep into the rice ways.

Homes and rice have found a balance. Like little islands of dense jungle interspersed on these oceans of rice. I wonder what it must be like to live here, out int he fields.

Roads like this shoot out for miles. When you ride on your motorbike across these narrow roads, you want to gaze out into the distance, but if you do you will fly over the edge.

Now and again, the road you are on, the one that looks like every other road, just ends... and you are like, well, ... do I keep going straight or do a 10 point turn on this little road and go back.

There are also many bodies of water that just sorta meander in a very logical way amongst the life here. If you notice in this photo, the little pink biker in the left-hand side, most roads have dropps like this into trenches like this and trenches like...

This! When you are on your motorbike, trucks speed past you. one side, FAST TRUCK. The other, drop into a drainage ditch like this. Ahh, adventures.

But the views are quite magical. Photos just don't do justice to being here. The jungle-like a living beast, slowly oozing back to reclaim its land.

And then the EPIC sunsets that make you say WOW.

Rice fields, Hoi An, Sunsets, danger, and adventure. YES, it's worth it.

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