Aurora is an elongated province which is mostly mountainous, and coastal. Baler, the capital town of Aurora, is at the mid-southern part. On our first day in the province, we visited the astounding tree in Balete Eco-Park. Afterwards, a look back to the history of Baler, which you can learn from their town plaza and the residence of Aurora Aragon Quezon. We got to cross the hanging bridge in Barangay Zabali, and enjoy the wind coming from the mouth of the river to Baler Bay. We also headed uphill at Ermita Hill.

We are late to have our lunch, and we went our way to Dilasag, the hometown of the mother of our friend, afterwards. As we are on our way, we saw this part of the town of Dipaculao. The shores are rocky, and the water looks clean. Our driver decided to stop for a while to take some pictures, and enjoy the fresh air.


This is facing the Pacific Ocean.



Facing south. There seems some rock formations from the afar. It would have been great to reach that part, but there is no good way to get there.



Facing north. The road going northwards is moutainous, and at the same time, coastal.



The place is so serene. You can just enjoy listening to the waves splashing to tbe rocky shores. I don't think it is a great place for swimming though due to the rocky shores. But you will enjoy the view, as well as getting closer to nature.


I am unable to go closer to the waters because I feel so tired, and sleepless. I just enjoyed the view and the air, which has an effect in me with my breathing.