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An Escape to the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

An Escape to the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

January 2020 · 3 min read


I have been to the town of Bolinao twice, but only visited few places then. The first one was in 2005 when we visited Patar Beach and Enchanted Cave, the second one was in 2016, that time we only had a river cruise at Balingasay River, and a staycation at Sundowners Resort.

Last Monday, we went to Bolinao, and it's my third time. My girlfriend invited me to join their family, along with their Japanese visitor.

Our first escape is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. We all know a cape is an extended land area to the sea from the mainland, and the town of Bolinao is actually a cape.

Now, let's talk about the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. I think it is the second tallest lighthouse in the country, and was built around 1905. It means the lighthouse has been there for more than a century, about 115 years. It remains strong despite what it has gone through.

The lighthouse is historic, and played a huge part of the culture of Bolinao, and remains one of the town's popular landmarks. It has been closed several years ago, and re-opened for tourists.


The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse as seen from the parking area.

Parking is free in this place, and there's no entrance fee as well.


From the parking lot, you have to go down this hill. You can already view the sea from there.


At the foot of the hill, there goes the souvenir shop.


The lighthouse is at the top of the hill. You have to walk the steep hill to come close to the tower. As you can see, there are lots of visitors coming in.

The welcome sign of the lighthouse. There's also a short summary about the lighthouse in the right, but not entirely seen from the picture.

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Now this is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. It is tall with about 76 meters. It used to be open for tourists to climb before. But the door is now closed, but it was re-opened fpr tourists to have a visit. If it is open, we could've climbed up there, and view the entire landscape from above. But of course, you have to bear with the spiral stairs.


Just close to the lighhouse is this ruins. It is the former administrative building of the lighthouse, but it was already abandoned. I think it was damaged by a number of typhoons which ravage the town, living without roofs anymore.


There's also a deck nearby to view and have pictures and selfies. There you can view the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).



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Of course, there are souvenir shops around where you can buy some memorabilia of your visit from the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.


We only stayed for several minutes there as that's all you can do there. But nearby, there's Bolinao Falls 1, 2, and 3. Patar Beach is also close where you can enjoy the crystal blue waters, and white sands (looks yellow to me. There are also caves, by which the Enchanted Cave is the most popular.

Bolinao has great places to visit, and you won't surely get bored. There are plenty of resorts and transients for accommodation.

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