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Singaporean sweetness 2/2

Singaporean sweetness 2/2

November 2019 · 2 min read · Central

You can find part one of sweetness here :)

6. Almond beancurd

Almond beancurd has nothing to do with beancurd. It is called so only because it looks like it a bit. Made of gelatin, sugar, almond extract and condensed milk, it serves as a really delicious dessert. Often served with some fruit as longan, papaya or melon. Many desserts include ice, like this one. I was feeling like a child eating snow and got a brain freeze after couple of minutes enjoying this dessert!

7. Sponge cake

This foamy, soft cake is made with only three ingredients: eggs, sugar and flour. Most bakeries in Singapore sell daily fresh sponge cake and with a glass of milk, it is a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack.

8. Shaved ice

One of favorites among Singaporeans - shaved ice and all kinds of cold desserts. Made by literally shaving a block of ice - it can be flavored, or flavor syrups can be added after shaving. This particular one is mocha flavored and enjoyed in hawker center inside Gardens by the Bay after a long walk around the park.

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9. Soya ice cream

Taste soya ice cream from Mr Bean Singapore is pretty enjoyable for someone who loves soy products. It is not as sweet as other ice creams, but nice and rich chocolate flavor is still there.

10. Tissue prata

This is a fun dessert to eat. Tissue prata (roti tisu or roti helikopter) is in fact Indian food, but available at most local stalls in Malaysia and Singapore. It may be coated with sweet condensed milk (this one), kaya (coconut jam) or sugar. It is crunchy, rich, very sweet and delicious!

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