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[Trip to UAE] Arabian subway and other transportation

[Trip to UAE] Arabian subway and other transportation

January 2020 · 4 min read · United Arab Emirates

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What about to continue our online tour to United Arab Emirates? If be honest, while I was writing my memories about my trip to the UAE, I started to think to repeat that trip and go back to this amazing place. Well, if be honest, there are still many places to visit and see in UAE. I have been mainly to Dubai, but what about Abu Dhabi? what about Sharjah? and many other cities?

But today I want to share with you some information about public transportation in the UAE. First of all, I would like to mention that public transportation in Dubai was pretty comfortable, fast, cleam and available.

Let’s start our talk about arabian metro. Metro is unique here, it is not like in other countries. Maybe, because there are as common as separate metro carriages too. By separate I mean female or male carriages. Probably, you have seen many stories how people (mainly foreigners) confused a cabin.

Furthermore, there are special or GOLD class cabines which are used by previlige class.

BUT! Be patient! if you use a wrong cabine you can get a fine from 100 to 200 dirhams, which is equal to 30~70USD.

Also, I liked that people stood in the line and didn’t make a mess.

But what about transportation fees and actually how to pay for your trip?

Public transportation in Dubai is regulated by national transport company. And all you need is just a transportation card which is called NOL, and there are 3 colors or 3 types of that card. All type of cards you can buy and charge in the ticket machines or ticket selling booth.

A red one is for rare trips and it costs 2AED (0.55USD). This card can be used during 90 days or for 10 trips after the first trip. Red card can be used only at one type of transportation: either bus or subway. The cost of the trip will depend on the zone to which you travel. If you travel inside one zone, the trip will cost 4AED (1.10USD); 2 zones — 6AED (1.65USD); more than 2 zones — 8.5AED (2.30USD). But also you can get unlimited number of trips for a day, and it will cost 20 AED (5.50USD).

A silver card is a card for those who travel a lot. This card is valid for 5 years. Silver card costs 25 AED (6.80USD). But actually, it costs 6AED (1.65USD) and 19 AED (5.20USD) will be accumulated to your account. The card can be used at any type of transportation. You can even pay for the parking with that card. The cost of trip is the same like with a red card… If you travel inside one zone, the trip will cost 4AED (1.10USD); 2 zones — 6AED (1.65USD); more than 2 zones — 8.5AED (2.30USD).

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The Gold card is like a Silver card but with previliges. You can use a Gold carriage with this card. It costs 25 AED (6.80USD), and can be used for 5 years. If you travel inside one zone, the trip will cost 6AED (1.65USD); 2 zones — 10AED (2.75USD); more than 2 zones — 15AED (4.10USD).

Actually, there is one more type of card — a blue card. This card is for locals, and when you buy that type of card you need a local ID card.

Before use, you should have at least 7.50AED on your balance, otherewise, you will be not allowed to use a public transportation. And every time when get in or out from public transportation, you should check in on special machine on the entrance/exit.


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