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South Korea: Magic World and Glass Island in Jeju Island. PART II

South Korea: Magic World and Glass Island in Jeju Island. PART II

December 2019 · 3 min read · Jeollabuk-do

Last time we had a journey to the Glass Island on Jeju island. We walked around the covered part of the island, and today we will continue our tour to the museum, and we will go to the opened part of it.

There are doors in the building which will bring us to outside or park zone of the island. As soon as we step outside we can see a wall with a waterfall where glass fishes are swimming.


With my not perfect eyesight at first moment I thought these fishes are real. And I was asking my friend how can we swim that way. As response I just heard a loud laugh…

Well, Let's go forward…

This park or open area of the museum is like a small…no… big separate magic glass world. Close to the building you can see a cozy coffee corner with glass tables and chairs, with glass dishes and plates.


Also, there are huge colorful cups swimming on the pond. That scene remind me a movie "Alice in the wonderland". By the way, the flowers on the pond are also made of glass.


Of course, there is a part which is dedicated to the love! A stand with letters L O V E….


an amazing ring with a diamond….


and another jewelry with super expensive stones hah


There is a small waterfall in the park too. And, there are magic bees Koossyeulli and Yuri. They are symbols of the park. In front of them 3 bows: Health, Love, Success. You need to throw a coin to bow you want. And of course, I threw 3 coins.


As I told you last time, the director of park Mr Kang took into consideration the ideas of foreign colleagues, so there are exhibitions of glass works of other countries as well. For example, that stand is with works from Czech Republic.


Mr Kang wanted to show history and culture of Jeju Island. Therefore, there are a lot of works about Jeju.

For example a tree with Hallabons (Hallabon is a hybrid fruit which was developed in Jeju)


In the inner part of the Glass Island you can find two Haryebons (grandfathers with specific face)


If we walk deeper to the park we will come to the magical forest where different animals, insects and entities live.


Also, different plants, fruits, vegetables, trees grow here.



Look at these cute pigs which are having fun with fruits and berries!

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A deer family is walking in the forest too.


If you look up you can see big colorful butterflies.


But be careful, there are enormous bugs and spiders. They spinned web-trap on the tree, which is sparkling on the sun. And now they are waiting for their victim.


Try to be careful with strange plants too. They look nice, but who knows…

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So, our tour is almost over. As you saw the Glass Island is really like a magic world. And while wlaking around it, the time flies. I can't stop to be surprised by people's talents and creativity. And as Glass Island creators said: "A plunging into the world of glass is like going back to your childhood. And with Koossyeulli and Yuri you become a fairy tale hero". Once you are in that fairy you will never want to leave it…


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