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South Korea: Magic World and Glass Island in Jeju Island. PART I

South Korea: Magic World and Glass Island in Jeju Island. PART I

December 2019 · 4 min read · Jeollabuk-do

In my previous story I told you about Jeju Island, which is located in the South part of South Korea. Today I want to continue to share with you some wonderful places of this amazing island.

Although Jeju island is very small, there are a lot of different theme parks on it. And today I will share one of them. And that park is definitely MUST TO SEE.


So…Welcome to the Glass Island or Glass Castle, or some in some posts they call it Glass Museum. Well, if be more precise, there are 2 glass museums on Jeju Island. And one of them is officialy called 'Glass museum" and another one is "Glass Island". And today I will take you around the Glass Island.

The best transportation on Jeju is a car. Because a public transportation is not so good as it is in Seoul. And also, the most of travel sights are far from the bus stops. For example, if you go to the Glass Island by bus, so then you will need to walk about 20–30 mins fro the bus stop to the museum. Therefore, there are a lot of different car rental services on the island. When I was on Jeju island, I didn't have a driver's lisence and I wasn't a good driver at all (well, i am still not a good driver haha). So, we rented a car with a driver. Actually, it has a lot of advantages. First of all, you don't need to check on the GPS how to go to the destination. Secondly, you don't need to look for a parking slot, and then try to remember where did you park your car. And of course, traveling is always exhausting and you can take a rest while moving from one point to another.


Glass Island is like a large museum on the open area. It was opened in 2008, however it took a few years to project, to design and to build it before the opening.

According to the museum director Mr. Kang, the Glass Island reflects Jeju Island nature's gifts to us, and also it's clean environment. A designer of the island worked super hard to make that museum interesting to all visitors, despite their age. Before starting to design the project, Mr Kang has visited many countries where glass industry is well-developed and famous. Such Czech Republic, Italy, Japan. Furthermore, local profesionnals from the Institute of Glass art assisted Mr.Kang in project development.

The museum doors are open every day from 9AM till 7PM. During the summer it works until 10PM. The entrance is not free. For adults it is about 11dollars, for middle and high school students - 9 dollars, and kid's ticket costs 8 dollars. But there are different types of DC. For some bank cards, for Jeju island citizens and for retired people.


The Glass island is separated into 2 zones: inside and outside areas.

In the inside zone visitors can find a lot of small glass works. And there is a huge bean tree in the center of the building. Also, there is a special corner for people who want to try to make something from the glass by themself.


Each work in the museum is so incredible! Just look at this symphonie orchester of dozens of musicians. Can you guess how big are them? each of them is no more than 2cm.


Lets go forward and look at some other exhibitions.

Do you like ocean? aquarium? fishes? Then enjoy that glass aquarium world. Doesn't it look super realistic?

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There are a lot of other cool glass works. But aren't you curious about the outside zone too? You do, right? So stay online and wait for the next part of my story!


If you have any questions about Korea don't hesitate to contact me here or via instagram

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