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[Seoul Tour] Palace of Serene Harmony

[Seoul Tour] Palace of Serene Harmony

December 2019 · 4 min read · Jeollabuk-do

A warm 'HI' from Seoul. Today I would like to offer you to forget all daily business and to have a walk around one of 5 Royal Palaces in Seoul.


Maybe many of you are thinking that I am talking about Gyeongbokgung palace, because it is the most popular palace in Seoul and 9 of 10 tourists visit that palace.

But, NO, we will visit another palace - Palace of Serene Harmony - Gyeonghuigung.

Gyeonghuigung is one of the smallest palaces in Seoul, but it is the least beautiful one.


If be honest I visited that palace after 10 years of life in Korea. I have been in Gyeongbokgung Palace or Deoksugung Palace million of times.
Also, I have been to Changdeokgung palace or Changgyeonggung palace many times. But I don't why but Gyeonghuigung palace… I just passed by it many times.


By the way, there are 5 Royal Grand Palaces in Seoul: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Changdeokgung palace, Changgyeonggung palace and Gyeonghuigung palace. All palaces have a long history. It is a historical and cultural heritage, which got recognition by UNESCO.


As you will pass the palace gates, you will feel like you came to another world. Like just in a second you was teleported from a noisy and big megapolis to a small and peaceful world.


The palace is very small and the entrance is free. But, parking isn't free as everywhere in Seoul.


This palace was built during the Joseon Dynasty. The construction of the palace has started in the beginning of XVII century by 15th king of Joseon Dynasty, Kwang Hye Goon (광해군).

The palace is located in the East part of Seoul. That is why sometimes this palace was called Eastern Palace. People was saying that Gyeonghuigung palace is a second king's palace or palace which King used in Emergency situations.


The palace was a home for 10 Korean kings.


I will tell you about Joseon Dynasty in a few words this time, but I promise to dedicate a whole post to story about Joseon Dynasty later. Joseon dynasty is a last dynasty in Korean history. It's history starts in the end of XIV century. Joseon dynasty is well-known for it's reforms in different sectors which led to a rapid growth and development of country. During the Joseon Dynasty was invented Korean alphabet Hangeul (I told you about it last time). Also, many inventions like rainmeter, sundial are also a achievements of this dynasty.


A palace was built in highlands, which played a role of protection. Actually, the palace wasn't small as it is now. Previously, there was a bridge which connected Gyeonghuigung Palace with Deoksugung Palace, and there were more buildings inside the palace. Unfortunately, it was burned out in XIX century. XIX century was a period when Korean peninsula suffered from Japannese occupation.


By the way, there is a historical museum on the territory of palace. I will make you a brief tour to this museum next time.

In 90s South Korea started to re-built and to recover the country, include it's historical and cultural places. Therefore, Gyeonghuigung Palace is a professional reconstruction of the original palace.


As in other royal palaces, the main building of Gyeonghuigung Palace is a Throne Room. It looks the same as Throne rooms in other palaces.





Unfortunately, it is prohibited to go inside the buildings. So, we have no more choice except look at the buildings from outside.


All building are protected by mystical animals which are located on the roof of each building. At those time people believed in magic and mystical things.



On the North part of the palace stands a big stone under which flows a small water stream. I was wondering how it didn't vaporize out during super hot summer.



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It is not so famous palace as Gyeongbokgung Palace, so there are not so many people. And I really liked it, so you can walk around alone with your thoughts.


So, our trip is over. Hope, you enjoyed it!

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