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Probably the most of you are on the quarantine now. And I sincerely hope it will finish soon, and we will return back to our normal life without social distance.

I want to update you about situation with COVID 19 in South Korea.

Life is getting much better here. And I can’t believe that just a month ago many people panicked about epidemic.

Korean government could stop coronavirus spreading and keep fighting with it. Also, many Koreans who live abroad decided to come back to Korea, and government keep receiving them. And sadly, but the most of them are infected. Beside Korean citizens many foreigners keep coming to Korea as well.

All newly arrived to Korea has to stay at home for 14 day right after arrival. Unfortunately, many people ignore quarantine policy and go out as soon as they come to Korea.

There was a Korean student who returned to Korea from US and she went to a trip to Jeju Island with her mom. On the departure day she felt bad but it didn’t hold her from the travel. So they went to Jeju for 5 days. When she arrived to Jeju she felt worse, so they went to the hospital close to the accommodation. And then they continued their journey. When they returned back to Seoul, they visited the local clinic and took a test on virus. The result was positive. According to the inspection a girl with her mom visited more than 20 spots on Jeju Island. Now they have to pay a penalty of about 83,000USD. Beside it Jeju government plans to sue them.

Also, there are some foreign student who even didn’t wear mask and went out. The test result was also positive.

Korean government decided to strict the rules. Foreigners may be deported from Korean if they violate the rules.

Despite situation with corona in Korea is getting better, Korean government keeps working on country’s security. From April 1st Korean metropolitan will operate just till midnight.

Also, there is no shortage of masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper etc.

Korean schools are on quarantine till indefenite time. But government is working on online education. Also, Korean high school graduation exam (something like SAT) was postponed till December (usually it is in November).

And one more news. Korean government created a new system which will help to find the infected people and places which they visited just in 10 mins. Before it took about 24 hours to get all necessary information. The new system collects some private info, so government says that they will delete all info when fight with the corona will be finished.

Now Korean government recommends to everyone to stay at home and to keep a social distance with others. But it is not compulsory and spring vibes are so strong, so people can’t ignore it and go out.

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