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First of all, thanks to @travelfeed and @invisusmundi for that nice idea which will help to know about a real situation of corona all around the world, and to support each other at that difficult for everyone moment.

Corona or COVID is the first pandemic after a long time in a world history. South Korea was the second country in the world, where virus boom was so unexpected and was spreading super fast.

Epidemia of COVID in Korea started about a month ago. Noone expected it, and some people started to panic. Foreigners were leaving Korea and went home. Even some Koreans decided to go abroad.


First of all, why epidemia happened in Korea?

Probably, most of you already heard about that case. A woman was infected but despite it she went to Shincheonji church in Daegu for the Sunday pray. At that time she didn’t not that she has corona. She had a temperature before, but she declined to get a test for corona. And she was keep meeting friends, went to the wedding ceremony etc. But later other visitors of Shincheonji church called to Emergency with covid symptoms. Their tests were positive. So, one woman spreaded virus among hundreds of congregants. The problem is that Shincheonji church rant that people who believe in Jesus will never be infected by virus. And only those who had sins can be sick. And by praying you can heal yourself.


In addition, the most of congregants of that church are hiding their belongness to that church. Their relatives and friends don’t know the fact that they are part of Sincheonji church.

Therefore, about 75% of all infected in South Korea are in Daegu city, a city with population of 2,5mln people.

What did Korea do…

At that time Korea started to carry out mass diagnostics for the virus. They were checking up who went to that church, where did these people go, whom did they meet, at what time, everything… And everyone who met or who was at the same place with infected people had to take a test on virus too.

Some companies switched to the remote work at home. Goverment suggested to people to stay at home. But it wasn’t mandatory.

And as in other countries government suggested to wear mask when you go outside, to wash your hands regularly, to use sanitizers, and to minimize contact with others.

Infected people received a finanacial and food aid from the government. Also, Korean president stated that he will support small and medium scale businesses in Korea, and assigned to it KRW 50 trillions.

For the past month Korea proceeded more than 330,000 COVID tests.

Korea today

Korea is still proceeding virus tests. There still suggestion on wearing masks outside. Schools and kindergardens are on quarantine. Universities are on online education system.

But the most of companies are back to usual mode of work.

We have free hand sanitizers everywhere. On the information desks, at all shops and cafes, even on the traffic light pole. There is no mask shortage. You can buy 2 masks per week for 1,500 KRW each (1,3 USD$). These masks are provided by government. If you need more masks, you can get a little bit more expensive masks as much as you wish at any drug store.

And as long as spring is here, and people are so tired of staying home, more people go outside.

March 21, 2020

And foreigners are keep coming here. But everyone has to take a test before leaving the airport. And people who come from Europe have to stay at quaratine zone for 14 days.

Source: Community Health Center, Republic of Korea

Korean technologies

In order to fight with virus Korean scientist invented some new technologies:

  • Robots who check the temperature of hospital visitors, Robots who clean up used medical stuff, Robot who sanitize hospital wards
Source: Newsis
  • A new method of virus diagnostics which will take just about 15 minutes. This method wasn’t impleneted yet
  • A new matetial for reusable medical masks, which can be used for a month. That material wasn’t put on production yet
  • A less contact Drive-Thru Testing, which allow people to take a test while riding the car.

I hope CoVID pandemic will finish soon. Take care!

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