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Annual K-Beauty Fair: a day around Korean beauty aura

Annual K-Beauty Fair: a day around Korean beauty aura

December 2019 · 4 min read · Jeollabuk-do


Hi, Everyone!


Travel to Korea is not just about visiting Korean historical and cultural place, eating Korean food, watching traditional performances etc. Travel to Korea is also might be a visiting Korean beauty fair, which opens about twice a year. Actually, there are much more beauty fairs in Korea, but a huge-scaled one is usually 1–2 times a year.

In this post I will share wih you one of them, which is called Inter Charm. I have been on such Beauty Fairs many times. Just as visitor, or as a part of my job, or just passing by.



Usually, Beauty Fair takes a place in COEX (Seoul) or KINTEX (Ilsan) exhibition centers. I liked COEX one more, because it is located close to my place, and because COEX is not just an exhibition center, it is also a huge trade-shopping-business-conventional-entertainment etc center. You can find a lot of stuff to do, to eat, to enjoy, to read, to shop…here.



As many other festivals and fairs InterCharm was also in Fall. It is usually October or November.
When I was there in 2018, at the same day there was also an International Fireworks Festival in Seoul too. I will tell and show you that festival too. It was super amazing!


The entrance to the Beauty Fairs is not FREE, but there is a way to get free tickets. All that you need to do, is just go there homepage online (the link you can find in google, just type 'Inter Charm Seoul' or "K-Beauty Fair' or just 'Korean beauty fair in Korea') and pre-register for the fair. And on the fair date you can go to the ticketing booth, tell you email or phone number and they will check you pre-registration. Well, the ticket price is not so expansive, it is usually about 5,000 KRW or 4,5 USD. So you can get your ticket on the fair.

The fair continues about 2–3 days. And you can find a schedule of the fair in front the entrance to the hall, or online on their homepage.
I should say that the scale and content of Beauty Fair develop every year. And if we compare the fair which was about 5 years ago, we will see a lot of changes. First of all, a lot of new companies participate in the fair. Also, different seminars, competitions, events can be found on fair.


Before, only Korean brands were represented on this fair, but nowadays, you can find also some foreign companies too.


Also, these days nail beauty becomes very popular world-widely, and a lot of nail stuff can be found on Beauty fairs too.


A size of the fair hall is bigger than a football field, and a lot of companies booths are set up there.

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As soon as you entry the hall, you will hear a lot of talks, the sound of check-out points (people buy different stuff). So, in one word, it is super noisy here.


One more advantage of such fairs is that you can find a lot of beauty stuff for much cheaper price than in other places. Therefore, some people come here with suitcases. Or companies just the product by post. So, everyday a lot of parcels leave the fair hall.


In Beauty fair, some visitors find new business partners';' some visitors buy new products for the personal of business use' some people just take a walk and check new beauty trends.


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So if you have time, or if you are interested in Korean beauty stuff, visit one of the Beauty fairs in Korea.


If you have any questions about Korea don't hesitate to contact me here or via instagram

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