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A world of miracle and Everland

A world of miracle and Everland

December 2019 · 4 min read · Jeollabuk-do


What does come to your mind when you hear a word Samsung? Digital and Electric stuff? Cell phones? TV? Notebook? Right. But, Samsung is also a founder of the largest amusement parks in South Korea, which is called Everland.


The park is located in Yeonin city, and was built in 1976. Yeonin city is close to Seoul, about 50km from the center of Seoul. It will take about 1–1,5hours to get there by bus. There are a few buses which go directly to Everland.


There are 2 parks in Everland: water park Carribean Bay and amusement park Everland. They close to each other, just in opposite sides. And you can buy the tickets in front of the entrance. And you can decide whether to go one to one of them, or to both of them.


So what about ticket price? Adult ticket costs 54,000KRW or 54$. Youth ticket costs 46,000KRW or 46$. Ticket for kids cost 43,000KRW or 43$.
Also, beside one-day pass there are evening tickets, which are about 9 dollars cheaper than regular tickets. The entrance with evening tickets starts from 5PM.

Everland is a very big park, so some people can walk here a whole day, or maybe even 2 days, Therefore, there are 2 days tickets.

And that is not all about tickets yet. As any other parks in Seoul, Everland also organizes events and promotions, so visitors can get tickets with discounts. Hence, it will be useful to check current events on the park's website.

Every year more than 7 millions of people visit the park.

As soon as you enter the park you will see a Global Fair in front of you. On the both sides of the alley you can find many different stores and shops, cafes and restaurants. So people can do some shopping as well.


The park is divided on 5 zones: Global Fair, Zoopark Zoo-topia, Europe Adventures, Magic World, American adventures.









The zoo in Everland is not so huge, but still very nice. And a few months ago they started a new programm 'Safari', so you can get a tour and be closer to wild world, animals. You can find lions, bears, pinguines, sea lions etc.



In Europe Adventures zone all buildings and constructions are in Europe style. Here you can find many cafes with European cuisine. The favourite place here is American Adventure T-Express. I am not a big fan of it, so just looked at them and passed by. But the line there is super long, and usually it takes about 2 hours to wait until your turn.


If you are brave enough you can take a ride on different attractions. But you don't like it, you can just walk around and enjoy different shows. For example, during the summer there is a rose festival. And this rose garden is super amazing.

Then we can walk to the Magic Land, and meet magic creations, and it seems like we are in another world. Ferris Wheel will show you a Everland city from a very high point. And a huge Everland will look like a small town.

In American Adventures Zone you can learn a little bit about American history. Here is a small version of American Adventure.


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Maybe you want to ask what to do here till evening? In the evening starts the most interesting part. Every evening park changes, and starts an amazing parade and show, like one in Paris DisneyLand.


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So, if you have time, spend a day here.


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