Samogitia (lt. Žemaitija) is one of the ethnographic regions of Lithuania. The homeland of my dearest wife. The land of the fearless warriors and one of the most preserved dialects that even I struggle to understand after so many years living with a Samogitian girl.

This is my second dearest place in the whole wide world, even after so many years of traveling. Of course, after my own homeland, which is Semigallia or Lithuanian Semigallia (lt. Žiemgala, lv. Zemgale) as most of this ancient area stretches across nowadays Latvia. I am the first man from my father's lineage in the last 7 generations that left the homeland. At least for now.

Who knows, connection with my ancestors might be so strong that sooner or later it will pull me back with the force stronger than I could ever imagine, but for now - Samogitia it is.

The festival took place on the ancient Mound of Apuole a couple of years ago. The main event consisted of two parts: 1Vs1 battles, where the winner received a two handheld war axe, and a group battle, where two squads of warriors fought each other, depicting a battle of the Middle Ages.

Those who needed a boost of energy had an option to taste some simple medieval dishes. Those who had their reserves replenished could try out all kinds of weapons in a special training field. All sorts of handmade jewelry were available for those in urgent need to impress their misses.

Children were the ones who enjoyed the event the most. Girls had an opportunity to show off their best medieval dresses while boys fought each other for their attention. You could see it in their eyes, that some of them were direct descendants of the warrior caste...

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