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7 days in Jordan: A father-son roadtrip [1200km]

7 days in Jordan: A father-son roadtrip [1200km]

February 2020 · 5 min read · Maan


I remember those times when I was a child and the only car my parents had was an old Russian Moskvich. Before my father started farming, he was a civil engineer. There were times when his monthly salary was an equivalent of about 150-200 euros. Back then it was pretty normal: at least in a post Soviet country. All in all, I can say that my childhood was great, but because of the financial reasons road trips or any other kinds of travels were incredibly rare.

My Mom introduced me to hitchhiking at very young age. Usually we used to hitchhike to the Baltic Sea. Best memories ever! Years have passed and a lot have changed. Traveling became incredibly affordable and some of the boundaries kinda disappeared. It seems like everyone can go wherever they want and do whatever they desire. These days everything looks possible. Of course, I am talking only about this part of the world, but it also might be an illusion.

Of course all the material wealth and excess of everything except spirituality in the "modern" world has a handful of shadows. However, traveling is way more accessible than it used to be. You can't contradict that. For example, if you are lucky a two way ticket from Lithuania to Jordan might cost as little as 50 euros. For a total of 7000 km hat's a bargain! Without the tiniest sense of shame that I left my wife at home, this time I traveled to Jordan with my father Gintas...

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7 days in Jordan: A father-son roadtrip [1200km]
7 days in Jordan: A father-son roadtrip [1200km]

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Travelers who enjoy long walks without a prior plan will love the winding streets of Amman a lot. You won't find any modern shopping centers in this part of the city. Only tiny private stores everywhere you look. Locals are incredibly hardworking and very polite too: it looks like everyone mind their own business and don't show too much attention to Western tourists. It was the second time that we traveled to an Arab country together. A few years ago we spent a few days in United Arab Emirates. Jordan is so different that I can not find right words to express it...

Our second trip to the Arab world together!
Our second trip to the Arab world together!


About 25 km to the East there is the Dead Sea. Actually, it is more like a huge salty lake splitting Jordan and Israel. There is an old saying that only two forms of life may be found here: bacteria and tourists. This is because the water in the Dead Sea is a few times saltier than the one in most of the other seas on the planet Earth. I have mentioned this fact before in my previous article about Jordan called "7 days in Jordan: How to travel if you are poor!?". As you may or not know last year I've been there with my wife...

The Dead Sea mud has healing properties!
The Dead Sea mud has healing properties!


Wadi Rum or the desert of the Moon should look familiar to most of the movie lovers out there. A whole bunch of movies about Mars were filmed here. "The Martian" directed by Ridley Scott is not an exception. So-called Beduins offer all kinds of activities in the desert: from Camel riding to Jeep tours. When you look at these views it is difficult to imagine that 24 hours prior taking this photo all the Wadi Rum desert was covered by snow. Snow is not a common thing in Jordan and happens only once in every 5 or 6 years...

In Arabic "Wadi Rum" means "the Desert of the Moon"!

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Most of us have heard of the 7 Wonders of the world. Most of them were not too lucky because the Cheops pyramid is the only one that survived to this day. There is also another list. A list of 7 New wonders of the world. One of those wonders is located in the heart of Jordan. Yes, I am talking about the ancient city of Petra. Some people say it was built more than 2000 years ago. A truly unique site to see. It has some kind of feeling of magic behind it! On the right side of the picture you can see the famous Treasury of Petra. The most iconic building of them all...

Remains of the Temple of Hercules | The famous Treasury of Ancient Petra
Remains of the Temple of Hercules | The famous Treasury of Ancient Petra


If feels so good to know, that there are still a few places like this one, where exhibits can be touched. It feels so great to sit on one of these stone elements and imagine the stonemason who carved it thousands of years ago. Jerash is probably one of the oldest cities in the whole wide world. Who knows. At least that's what they say... Check out my Youtube video "Trip to Jordan" which took me countless hours to edit... Mostly because of the lack of skills... :D If you have any questions just let me know in the comment section below...

The gate to the archeological site of Jerash!
The gate to the archeological site of Jerash!

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