Goddess Durga has come aboard the horse. And go back to rocking. The arrival of the fort begins with Shardi Durgobas. The original worship has also begun. Now it is the turn of visiting various places of worship at the festival. All the pavilions are colorful and full of light during the festival. Each of the porch decorations is different. Visitors turn around the porch and sit down to judge themselves as to which one is more beautiful. Therefore, the organizers also keep an eye on the porch and the decoration of the statue. In addition to the traditional trend, the theme of the congregations is also shown. Some have grown up like nature, some have spread the message of peace. Here are some of the theme-based puja pandas of the capital.

With the transport of fort in Bashundhara

This time, the horse-driven chariot that Durga came to die in has been highlighted in the pavilion and statue at the Durgotsab in Bashundhara residential area.

According to the Bashundhara Public Worship Committee, this time the arrival of the goddess Durga has been erupted. The idol guru of Magura made the idol here. An artificial fountain has been set up in the e-block of Bashundhara in this worship area.

Dhanmondi Nature's ferry

The basic idea surrounds the nature. So much is open. The main pavilion and the stage of the cultural program are different. Dhanmondi Lake is next to Kalabagan Playground. A small statue has been placed on the water of the lake. Due to this, nature is in full swing for the entire Dhanmondi public rally. Tapan Kanti Sarkar, convenor of the Dhanmondi Universal Durgobas Organizing Committee said, "This temple has been built in front of the temple of the ancient Bhadishvara (also known as Rajarajesvaram) in Tamil Nadu, India. This is a very famous temple. And we want to keep the nature. So Dhanmondi Lake has also been used this time. '

The peak of this Dhanmondi Temple is 48 feet high. Ratan Pal was created by Durgapratima. The idol has been decorated in a colorful way. Since the goddess Durga is now a horse, so is the scene in the idol. Durga slaughtered the horse on horseback.

Message of peace in Banani field

The front of the banana lamp will be lit at Banatani Kamal Ataturk Avenue. The Gulshan-Banani universal worship foundation has been set up at the Banani playground in front of the Lakshminarayan Temple (also known as Birla Temple) in Delhi, India. Foundation president Subal Chandra Saha and general secretary Sudhanshu Kumar Das said that the issue of puja was arranged this time. Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated this temple in Delhi in the 5th. He had a condition that this temple would remain unchanged for everyone. People of all religions can go to the temple. This temple is also chosen for the generality of the Durgobas.

The original form of the goddess has been shown in the 8th Gulshan-Banani festival. There are no color shades in Direndra Pal of Narayanganj. There is a white of peace. The white color is used in the image.

Love the farmhouse

The Khajurban Golchabaratai on Manik Mia Avenue is lit up with festive lights. The road that leads to Farmgate is the gate of light. Forced to look. Flowers, nature, peacocks, elephants - nothing escapes the mechanical play of electric light. The light flashes all over the road. The 25th Durgobas Mandap of the traditional social welfare association has been set up next to the Agricultural Institute of the farmhouse. The golden-white pavilion was built in front of the Vrindavan Prem Mandir in India. Sculptor Uttam Saha, the maker of the pavilion and statue, said the theme of this year is love and pilgrimage. He said that many cannot go to many places of traditional religion. Small replicas of those shrines have been made on one side inside the porch.

The versions of the pilgrimages in this temple are Kalighat, Dakshineswar Temple, Nimai's birthplace, Iskan temple in Mayapur, Kirtan of Nimai, Shiva Temple of Bengaluru, Gokul, Shrikrishnam, Nidhi, and birth place of Shri Krishnamantha, Nidhi, and birth place of Shiva. Uttam Saha said, “You must go to Puranas for devotion. Therefore, he has been fashioned as an idol too. There is more to play in this porch. Bhupati Mohan Roy has made small wooden electric statues. Wooden statues move with the help of a motor. Like the money that comes out of Lakshmi's pitcher, Saraswati is playing the harp, and Kartik throws arrows.

With tradition

Durga puja is being performed at the new temple of Sri Thakeswari National Temple. The national temple is also worth seeing. The traditional style of the fort is made here. Biplob Kumar De, secretary of the office of the Bangladesh Pooja Udapan Parishad, said the former decoration is followed here. Mount Kailas in the background. Sukumar Pal made the idol of Dhakeswari temple.

The traditional style, however, can be seen in the venerable worship of old Dhaka. The worship of the Zamindarbari in Northbrook Hall was organized in a big way. Rival Pooja Committee Mandap at the entrance to Shankhari Bazar. When you enter the street at Shankhari Bazaar, there are rows of rows of idols on the floor. Throughout this street there is a little continuous bamboo-marching pavilion. In all these, the traditional form of the goddess Durga, decoration is seen.

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