The Saejk Valley is located on the Mizoram border of the highest part of the Rangamati district. Sazek is the largest union of Bangladesh, with a size of 702 square miles. Tripura in the north of Sajek, Rangamati langadu in the south, Mizoram in India on the east, Dighinala in Khagrachari on the west. Although Sazek is located in Rangamati district, its transportation facilities are from Dighinala of Khagrachari. From Rangamati, you can come to Sajek by walking through many routes. Distance from Khagrachari District Headquarters is 70 km. And 49 km from Dighinala. 34 km from Baghaihat.

From Khagrachari to Dighinala Army Camp we have to go to Sazek. Later, Baghhaihat police and army camp will be at No.10. From where you have to get the original permission to go to Sazek. Then the Casalong Bridge, along the two rivers, became the Casalong River. Later Tiger Tila Army Post and Masalong Bazar. If you cross the market, you will find the first village of Sajek, Ruilui Para, which is 1800 feet high. Its elderly population is Lusai. Apart from this, Pankua and Tripura also live. It was established in the 1885. Its head man is Lal Thanga Lusai. Sajek will be arriving shortly from Ruilui Para. Sajek's BGB Camp is the highest BGB camp in Bangladesh. Here's the helipad.

Two-and-a-half hours trekking from Sajek's Ruilui Para can be seen in the beautiful lotus fountain. The lotus fountain is known to many as padam-made fountain or sikam-made fountain.

The last village of Sajek is Kanglak Para It is also populated by the Lushai population. Its head man is Choumingthai Lucai. The Lusai Hills of India can be seen from Kanglak hill. From which the Karnaphuli River originated. Since there is no other camp after the Sajek BGB camp, Kanglak is not allowed to travel to the parade for security reasons. On your return you can see the Hajachara fountain, Dighinala hanging bridge and Dighinala forest.

Way to go sazek

From Dhaka, Shyamoli, Hanif and others can travel to Khagrachari by bus. The rent will be 520 Tk. Besides, if you want to go straight to Dighinala, there is a bus for peace transport. Rent 580 Taka. Also, BRTC and St. Martin's transport AC bus goes to Khagrachari.

Sajel valley
Sajel valley