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Las Vegas, the gambling city

Las Vegas, the gambling city

November 2019 · 6 min read · Dhaka Division

Ratzaga City

The city of Ratzaga is called Lasvigas. Aircraft from various cities around the world arrive in Las Vegas. The international airport here is named Macaran. It is famous all over the world as Paradise.

Apart from gambling casinos, most of the largest hotels in the United States as well as around the world are located here. Every year millions of people come here to visit. Lasavgas is famous all over the world as a paradise.

Here the gambling room is sitting down in the evening. The city is asleep during the day, and as the night progresses, the appearance of Lasvigas changes.

Hotels become even more attractive under light. On the other side of the street, the big lights are dazzling with various ads. Millions of miles of light flooding eyes.

During Eid or Pujo, our house-road-pandel-trees along the road are decorated with different lighting, so it shines here all year long! In front of every hotel, there are different types of light. Artificial fountain again in a huge reservoir in front of some hotels! A spectacular view is created on the dispersion of different colors of light on it! A hotel has a lovely laser ray show. There are different types of rides for kids or kids. It looks like he has come to a fair. There is also a circus display in a hotel

Here the crowd increases as the night goes on! All the pleasures of life are laid out in Las Vegas. Different scenes also enlighten the minds of the spectators in the light rays of different colors.

Honeymoon's paradise

Thousands of miles from different parts of the world come here every year just for the fun of ...

A modest pasture, one of the paradise of the Las Vegas Honeymoon today from the fields. Thousands of miles from different parts of the world come here every year just for recreation. At all times, the crowd is crowded. Las Vegas is one of the most sought after locations for newlyweds. There is no word on whether the city sleeps A large economic empire has been built around this city in the United States. There are casinos, bars, discos and branches of Namidami Hotel Chain Shop around the world. Honeymoon couples have set up various tourism companies. Those who are able to bring the joy of the whole Lasvigas to a handful through a specific package. Honeymoon couples came here from different parts of the world. Las Vegas is the hottest destination for European couples, especially on summer vacations.

The modern city in the desert

Just over a century ago, Las Vegas was a small railroad service center in the desert. Nearby there were some settlements. But at the end of the twentieth century, Las Vegas became the most advanced metropolitan city. This has been possible due to prudent entrepreneurship, improved communication and transportation and a tolerant state law system. The roads here are very smooth and very wide. Three to four cars can easily pass along. The entire road here goes through the Mohavi Desert. After walking a few miles up the mountain road, the rest has passed through the valley.

The hospital is also where the beauty of the eyes

Outside of the sprawling part of Las Vegas, there are five other western cities in common. There are also permanent settlements instead of hotels. There are also churches, shopping centers. There are also permanent residents. They have hospitals. But here too, there are sparks of glory. The most magnificent hospital in the world is at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas. The interior of St. Rose Dominican, built on Spanish architecture, has its interior. From the hospital room, patients can see the eyes of Las Vegas and the desert adjacent to the hospital. In addition to sophisticated medical care, there are various facilities for entertaining patients and visitors. Indoor garden is inside the hospital. Visitors can get acquainted with the wonderful diversity of the plant world here.

Gamblers arena

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A nurse did not even kill a patient to win a bet. Las Vegas is actually the capital of Gambling; The ideal place for gambling ...

Casinos and brothels have become the focus of people's fascination with Las Vegas. Gamblers from all over the world come here. People in this city are so addicted to gambling that they bet on anything. In one case, it was reported that several employees at Las Vegas Hospital had to be laid off because of gambling. Because they were betting on hospital patients when a patient would die. Even a nurse had to kill a patient to win a bet. Las Vegas is actually the capital of Gambling. The best casinos here have various types of gambling, from traditional stos, roulette, blackjack to video horse racing. There is a chance to gamble at any price from one cent. One survey found that 5 percent of people come to Las Vegas for gaming purposes only.

The most enlightened

Las Vegas is the most enlightened city in the world. Vegas is one of the brightest places in the world when viewed from space. The city is so shining mainly because of the burning of millions of lights all night. Frankly, the real beauty of Vegas is overnight. Renewable energy is used here in all public buildings, street lights, parks. There is a 100 MW solar planel in Vegas called 'Boulder Solar-1', which began in 2008 years and cost about $ 40 million.

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What a luxury in Las Vegas!

The idea of ​​luxury is common, spending a lot of money traveling around the country or out of the country, eating in a good restaurant, taking a car - is this? But Las Vegas has no end in luxury. All the prohibited acts on earth are pulses here. A luxury room in Las Palmas Casino resort in Las Vegas is known as an example of luxury. This is the most expensive suit in the world. This room is named Empathy Suite. It costs $ 1 million a night. You should stay here for at least two nights. So at least $ 2 million will have to be spent. Which is about 11 million taka! There are two master bedrooms, including the California King Bed. There is also a private massage room. There is a Healing Salt Room, walk-in steam shower, and bathtub with hydrotherapy jets. For those who want to relax as well as keep the body active, there is a modern fitness room and a private pool. About 17 miles west of Las Vegas is the famous Red Rock Canyon. Hill all around. And through it the road has gone. A wide range of red-gray and light-colored mountains can be seen from afar. Helicopter tours are one of the most popular activities here to take in the full view of Las Vegas at once and enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon. The beauty and joy of Las Vegas is, in a word, the paradise of the earth.

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