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Jerry passed through Himachal straight into the little known metaphorical village

Jerry passed through Himachal straight into the little known metaphorical village

November 2019 · 6 min read · Bangladesh

One sunny October morning, we set off for the village of Shoja by reaching Jallori Pass. The sky is bluish blue. At the end of the rainy season, the greenery of nature is shining in the mountains near and far. The road marked the autumn of the autumn, at first a little towards Kinnar. National road 1. I've been to Kinnear several times before. But now the road is more wide. At one point, the snow leaped over the distances of two mountains. Breakfast at the car stop at the Roadside Hotel. Then from Anna to the new world.

Zallori did not come before the pass. First meeting with the river on the way to Cumberland. Although the road is narrow, the condition is good. There is not much of a collapse in this direction. The nature of nature becomes increasingly enjoyable on both sides of the uphill path. The concert of the green. The rivers flow like ripples through the bottom. There is no shortage of population. Go through it like a picturesque village Kohila, Karad etc. The abundance of apple orchards in the villages. There are also other fruit gardens. The fruit tree has been covered with fruit trees to save the Golden Golden Apple Tree. The rows of clothed trees from a distance look odd.


The village of Khanagh is quite large and full. New homes are built on the walls of the previous day, made of wood and stone, with a slate of square slats on the ceiling. The road is more steep from the edge of Khanagh village. The Jalori Pass will have to reach a lot and rise just a few km into the sky. At last, the beautiful and safe forests. The trees match the stems as if they want to touch the sky. Winds and colds increase with the shift. Somewhere along the way, the jhorakul has been swept away. Jumped into the bottom floor. White clouds in the blue sky above his head. The apple orchard in white clothes is seen far away, across the hill from the slopes. How many colors around. It is like a shardanjali arranged by nature. Stop the car and take some pictures at a distance. The road to draw light and shadow is as if it wants to wrap its wings with may. A couple of other lanes along the edge of the forest cross the bend in the race to Jallori. A few temporary shops around. Temple on the high altar in front of the turning bend. Parked a few cars along the road. Tourists roam the camera. As we opened the car door, we were greeted by the trembling Konkan breeze as we set foot on the road. The first experience of watching Zallori is quite enjoyable. With the height of the Rotang or Kunjum Passes seen earlier, Zalori will not be able to compete in any way, but his beauty is another, unique. In the winter again, this form of snow falls radically for a few days.

The hilly area in Himachal Pradesh, which falls off the ice in winter and closes first in summer, is Jallori Pass. Klu-Manali communication door with Kalpa-Sangla. The height of the Jallori Pass is some 3820 feet or 10800 slightly higher. November to March are covered in ice. In the temple of the goddess Mahakali at the bend of the pass, everyone stopped and worshiped for a few hours. A few steps up the stairs is the shrine of the tin. The red flag rows in the background of the dense blue sky make the atmosphere colorful. A few scarecrows fly around the temple. Standing in front of the temple, there is a horizontal mosaic world overlooking the familiar government board of Jalori Pass. On a cloudless day, rows of silvery cliffs sloping beneath the sky.

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I went to the shop next to the viewing area. Then the face goes on endlessly. Hot Milkcake is being made and lifted on our plate. At the same time, the eyes, mind and mouth can not easily match. I could see that another road passed down the side of the temple. Serelsar Lake and Temple on that side. 5 km walking, forested. A tent resort in the beginning part is open, except for a few months of winter snow. Once they carry their tents, they can spend the night on the lake. On the main road, the first village is straight when it goes down the road from Jalori to Kullu. As beautiful as the picture. On the way to the deserted stream, there will come a few more wonderful villages in the valley of the Tirthan river. Ghiaghi, Banjar as the GV, is the only city and center of the valley. Then the Great Himalayan National Park did not touch the door. At Oot, you will find the famous road from Kulu Manali. As far as this path goes, the superhuman ego of Jalori Pass will remain ego-minded for a long time.

If you ever go to the unknown, you can go straight to the place without wasting time for seven or five. There is also less to see in the vicinity. The only carriageway has fallen straight into the suburbs of the Tirthan river, opposite the Jallori Pass. The natural beauty of Ghiyagi, GV, Banjar, Gussaini in one of the villages along the way is remarkable. Unlike other areas of Himachal Pradesh, the nature of these areas is still unique as it is not called a tourist eel. One after another, the orchards, the beauty of the river Khosrota and the traditional temples and temples bind one another to Jallori Pass. Summett apples are being sold everywhere at a price of only Tk 20. There is also no barrier to eating apple trees from trees that are allowed to enter the garden. The generous, friendly use of the common people in this little jewel corner of the Himalayas is an extra mile of visit. Like nature, there is a smile on everyone's face all the time. So one time he wants to go back again and again.

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