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What makes you feel like being tortured and relaxing at the same time? My go-to-thing: Thai Massage

What makes you feel like being tortured and relaxing at the same time? My go-to-thing: Thai Massage

November 2019 · 5 min read · Thailand

One of my favourite parts of being in Thailand is to enjoy their traditional authentic massage. How weird is that it makes people feel better and satisfied by hurting them.

Some kind of massage is performed in a really gentle way. In my experience, actually the massage with delicate moves like that will just make you feel relaxing during the time of the performance but will not last long and have any actual effect on your shape, your muscle or your health.

Thai masage which is considered as a health treatment as well, on the other hand, puts a lot more power in the movement of the massage therapist. Thai massage has always been my go-to-thing whenever I come here. Imagine how relaxing it is to be “tortured” with the magic movement of the masseuse, and feel all your muscle is relieved after a long day of walking and traveling.

Sukho Thai Massage in Pattaya
Sukho Thai Massage in Pattaya

If you are not so familiar with yoga, you may find this Thai massage so much painful. But trust me, it’s all worthy. The more painful it is, the higher your mood will be later on.

The masseuse , by yoga-similar movement, use their knee, elbow, thumb to press, stretch your body in various ways, and mostly make you hurt.

People say that the pain you feel when receiving massage is resulted from the trouble of your body. Because the main way of performing Thai massage is to press and stretch your muscle, joints. So if you dont exercise enough, causing muscle and joints are not flexible enough, then of course you will feel unpleasant or even painful when it is being stretched or pressed after a long time of not working out.

But don’t stop the masseuse from hurting you, unless it is too hurt. If the pain is still endurable, although it is kind of unpleasant, and a little bit hurt, you should try to go through it.

For the easier of massage and your best of comfort, the spa will prepare specialized clothes for you. Look so cute, doesn’t it?

The massage normally takes one hour to go through all parts of your body carefully, from legs, to arms, back, neck and head. Almost time will be spent on your legs as most of travellers come to get their tired legs relieved.

There is some kind of special oil used to apply on your body to make it more smooth and also a kind of medical stuff that make your muscle relaxed. While the masseuse is doing their job, you should let your body totally loose. The stiff muscle will make it more painful during the performance and may lose the efficiency of the massage.

The massage doesn’t just work on your body, but also on your mood. The feeling like re-charge and getting back all the energy will boost your mood and make your trip more interesting and excited.

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Besides, there are quite a few types of massage here including sexual kind of massage. So keep in mind to stay away from those tourism places and hot spot of sexual activities to avoid getting wrong type of massage (unless you wish so).

For traditional Thai massage spas, I dont think there is so much difference in quality. No need to recommend or insist to go any specific spa, just find the one that is close with your place and have the price fit witth your budget. Almost any massage therapist is trained and well skilled in every spa. Maybe there will be some difference in the service and customer care causing the price higher but for the performance of traditional Thai massage itself, any place is ok.

The price of Thai massage is not so expensive and also depends on where you get it. I normally don’t find Thai massage in tourism place, but local. You are likely to be ripped off in some place such as Walking street-close-places in Pattaya or Khaosan Road in Bangkok, etc.

Normally, the price is about THB200 ($7) for 1 hour of Thai massage, excluding tip, as I pay in this spa in Pattaya. But in my previous times visitting Bangkok, I got Thai massage with just THB70-80 per 30 mins in the neighborhood place of my Airbnb, near Sukhumvit area. It was excellent and made me come back few times to enjoy.

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The tip for service in Thailand is not a compulsive thing, but it is highly recommended to do so. In general, the tip will be around 30-50% of the price. For example, if you get THB200 massage, your ideal tip will be around THB70-100. As the massage therapist works so hard to give you a good time of relaxing, showing a little bit of appriciation would be nice.


📍Sukho Thai Massage - 209/109 Sukhumvit Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

💲 THB200/hour

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