Hello my online friends! Finally i can spent some time on my blog about my road trip to Denmark and Sweden! It has been raining in the Netherlands the last view day's and i spent time at home editing the last pictures of my costumers en getting my administration in order! The people of the tax office are happy with me again!


Early morning I drove from my home in Zeist to the town of Puttgarden in the north of Germany along the Baltic sea! a 575 kilometers long trip. There I took the ferry to Denmark! It was the first time for me that I was on a boat wit my van! The ferry took about a hour and cost me 100 euro's! After a ten minute drive in Denmark I spotted fields of grains or wheat that just had been mowed down! That could be nice drone material! So the first parking I stopped and I took my drone for a spin! 

Fun fact, DJI drones always saves all flight data records of every flight movements it makes, and since I bought my first drone in 2017, Denmark is my tenth country where I have flown my drone! 

After this first stop in Denmark I felt very tired and I decided to look for my first place to sleep! Luckily there was a camper parking close by and the view over there was awesome! A large bridge. That was a nice place to take the first sunset pictures of this trip

Google maps locations!

If I come across an interesting location on Instagram or in a blog that I might want to visit, I often save those location on google maps! And then when I'm traveling and I get close to a point on the map I'll just go there and see what there is to do! This way I can travel relatively unprepared, but actually I am very prepared. Just like Denmark, I really had no idea where I wanted to go in Denmark! I would rather have driven to Sweden, but if I was here, I might as well have a look on the map! I discovered that there were three places on the map where i had put a tag on! that were on route! So i decided to stay a day longer before I drove to Sweden!

The first stop was a museum, Geomuseum Faxe! I often surf on google maps, and there is discovered a big limestone quarry! that are nice drone objects so I marked it as interesting! Later I discovered that they also had a museum that displayed many of the fossils that were excavated in that quarry ore were found in the surrounding region. In the museum there is also an exhibition about the geological situation in the whole region! How it all was formed in the last ice age! If you are visiting the museum, you also can rent a hammer and chisel in the museum shop and then you can search for fossils in the quarry. They have created a special place in the quarry where you can safely look for fossils without being run over by the big dump trucks. Of course I did that but it was to hot and to dusty to take any pictures! I did flew my drone over the quarry to take a better look at the awesome colors of the water in the ponds! And what do you think about my neighbor on the parking at the museum! I love that old VW LT28!

There was also a nice lookout tower nearby. I didn't want to climb it but I did want to photograph it with my drone! I parked my van in the woods near the tower and walked to a beautiful point from where I could launch my drone from! I also saw beautiful patterns at a tree nursery! I love all these kinds of patterns from the sky! 

That were two beautiful locations to photograph from the sky! I also went to the third location on the map but i didn't take any pictures over there! It was a little church on a cliff, Højerup Gamle Kirke but you were not aloud to fly a drone there! I had a nice relaxing walk on the beach on the bottom of the cliffs! And if you are around there you also can visit an old lighthouse at Stevns Fyrcenter But this trip was also for me to relax a bit more and not to have my face behind a camera all the time! Time to find a sleeping spot! 


I am getting closer to Copenhagen and I found a spot close to the beach, about a 30 minutes drive from the city! You see my neighbors walking around my van? There is a long path leading from the edge of the town of Køge, along the camper spot all the way to the beach!  Sunset was nice but I didn't go out for a shoot! I got to bed early and try to capture the sunrise instead! That's because there was a nice jetty in the water on the beach here! It was a long time since I did some long exposure photography!   

What a wonderful sunrise that was! Well, there was not much sun but the colors in the clouds were amazing! The jetty is a product of a collaboration of some local companies and the people of the town of Køge nearby! It's a good way to go in and out of the water without getting all dirty of the beach sand!  

After this sunrise shoot I drove to the City camping of Copenhagen! For the summer months they transform a big open field into a camper camping site! That to keep all those big camper vans out of the city! It was not the cheapest campsite I have visited but it was near the city and they had showers and toilets so i was happy! It was a good spot to go out and visit the city, that was what I did the next two day's! But I took so many pictures that I will wright something about that in a separate blog! So for now, thank you for reading my blog! I hope you will leave a comment and tell me what you think of it!