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My photography from Isfahan cooper and bazar

My photography from Isfahan cooper and bazar

February 2020 · 2 min read · Isfahan Province


) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # my trip to ISFAHAN - Iran ,and photography from it's big and great Bazar hello friends .i was in Isfahan months ago .it was Amazing , i visited many places such as aquariums, gardens , and restaurants ,and Absolutely this bazar, you can find many htings in this bazar, id you love hand art you need to visit it . i took some pictures to show you this bazar .i hope you enjoy to watch my photography ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # this master this old man and master of coopers is working in his store ![20160410_113336.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) ![20160410_113450.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # cooper samavar this very big cooper samavar was amazing i remember i have upload another very big samavar in a mall months ago , but this one is more beautiful ![20160410_113626.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) seems he have many experience in his job, they are having this kind of jobs for years from their father and grandfathers ![20160410_113651.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # handmades they are so beautiful .i always wonder how it is possible to have such patience to create such art on dishes . they are really talented . i love this bazar a lot ![20160410_114243.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) ![20160410_114401.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # silver they are some wonderful silver art , it took so much time and effort to make them wow. :) ![20160410_114410.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) # miniature painting on shells here is some wonderful paintings on shells ![20160410_114522.jpg](
) # and here is the very famous Square of Isfahan , all bazars are located around this place , it feels great to walk along these roads ![20160410_120008.jpg](
) ![7cd3ee7585dd51b8e4a9d29280c2b76ajhb.jpg](
) #### thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :) ![wave-png-red-3.png](

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