Calicoan, Eastern Samar is the surfing capital in our region. We frequent this place during what we call "BER" months--from September to December, because of the southwest monsoon, which is also the reason of the cloud 9 waves that every surfer loves!

This time of the year is the best. They are even hosting a surfing competition during October.

And just a few days back, we found ourselves once again heeding off to our favorite place.

This place actually used to be an American Air Base back in World War II. But we love it here nonetheless. Here's why:


The vast cloudless night sky covered with stars sparkling like diamonds is one of the things that struck me with awe! Having no electric power in the area adds up to the beauty of the pitch black sky. Nothing can distract you from the glitters of the small gems above!

I don't have a camera that is strong enough to capture the night sky, but sometimes human eye is the best camera, and I am pretty satisfied with what I have! 😂👀🤪



"Can somebody turn off the fan, please?" We are frantically saying this joke. The breeze are seemingly endless here, causing waves after waves dashing off the shore, lulling you to sleep. Not to mention that this is the freshest of air, and this is a #naturalmedicine as well.



'Who barricaded the sea behind doors and said "You may come this far and no farther; Here is where your proud waves will stop"'? the man Job from the ancient time was asked. (Job 38:8, 11)


Those words had a profound meaning, seeing the boundaries of the majestic waves before my eyes. I am both thrilled and scared at the same time as I see waves splashing at the edges.


We can only go this far, since farther step away can be dangerous. At one point, my friends were covered by a gigantic wave and we were scared to death, so we didn't dare to move farther.




Since Calicoan is at the east, then it is one of the places that is privileged to see the break of dawn, the first to have a glimpse of the earliest ray of sun. We were blessed to witness one. The breathtaking beauty of the horizon painted with orange, pink, blue and different hues, welcoming the golden sun, is one for keeps.



We live in a city by the bay. But sadly, shores at home offers black sand. They aren't dirty, but it's not inviting. So the white sandy beach and the aqua blue waters makes it all the more tempting to go for a swim.




Wild flowers, ferns and berries are everywhere.


I don't have an idea if the berries here are edible, but birds eat it so it might be.


The night sky, the blue ocean, the dashing waves, the breathtaking sunrise, the fine white sand are the best that nature could offer.

These and more are the reasons why we keep coming back to this secret gem we treasure!

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