Good morning , nice day again ! The flowers reflect our upbeat mood ,today we will arrive Lhasa, the capital of Tibet ,finally ~

We arrived a snow mountain , where we really can step on the snow ! I wait this moment for a long time ~(in my hometown , there is no snow in a year ! so when I see the snow , I become crazy !)

We arrive Lhasa at around 8 pm , a long long long high way , so ... the day time we spent on the road !

The hotel is very clean and beautiful , below is our room, although there are three bed , but actually , just 2 people living in this room, other three guys live in another triple room.

Dinner time ~ we go to a famous Tibetan restaurant for dinner !

The local animals in Tibet , Bos grunniens (left) and Tibetan Mastiff (right), I saw the real bos grunniens on the road to Tibet , but never for Tibetan Mastiff, and I don't want to meet it too , I scare dogs , it is horrible than dogs, their tooth are so long and sharp.

Some Tibet road trip maps on their menu, where I plan to explore next time, so mark it down . Tibet is so big and maybe many people just know Lhasa, so many place hiding behind our sight .

The Tibet style dining room .

And Tibetan meal , if you arrive Tibet , must taste the Tibetan meal , other place can not find this .

Roasted barley flour(糌粑), a local food in Tibet , Tibetan treat it as the main food in a meal , made by hulless barley .

Three drinks ,the yellow one is tea, the white one is barley wine, the right one is sweet buttered tea.

At the first day of the road trip , we taste the salty buttered tea, we don't like it , today we taste the sweet one, it's like the milk tea, we like this taste !

After meal , the waitress will lead you to a store in the restaraurant , where seems a museum, store many antique, everything with a story .

This ganodorma have more than one thousand years old .

This is an ancient animal lived in ocean , the owner said , they ever use it as an ashtray till someone tell her its value.

The owner told us , her ancestors were worked for delivery , they used carriages to delivery things or people , below cases and swords and other things were used at that time .

In Tibet , bestowed a Hatta is the highest etiquette , that means the host treat you as a distinguished visitor.