Now is Autumn coming in Australia, if you are looking for some places to enjoy the fall colors , the most famous place are Leura and Blackheath. They are really very beautiful in Autumn , but also many people there .

If you enjoy to have a private place ,I recommend Mt Wilson. There is no public traffic to arrive , you must drive or join tour group, so there is not so many people than Leura and Blackheath.

This day , Mt Wilson is a bit long drive from Sydney , so we woke up early and leave Sydney central around 7 am , it need to drive around 2.5 hours to reach . The road to Mt Wilson are narrow , and have some sharp corner need to have good driving skills.

When we arrived , some tour groups already arrived, but not too many ,you still can find some place without people .

In Mt Wilson , most garden are private, so if you wanna come in need to pay tickets , around AUD 5~10. Most of gardens are beautiful , so recommend you to choose one .

If you don't wanna get in the gardens , there also a camping area have a great view .We were prepare our lunch and enjoy it under the wonderful Autumn colors.

We arrived in Mt Wilson at the middle of April , the color still tuning red , the best timing to visit should be end of April to May. At that time , except to enjoy the fall colors , also you can pick chestnuts in some gardens , then cook in the camping site .

If you have enough time , camping for one night is a good choice . When tour groups leave , Mt Wilson return to a peaceful place , you can enjoy your private site here.